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Resolving Food Poisoning Naturally

Food poisoning
Aylen after 2 doses of Nux Vomica

Cat parents will often have to wear several hats when it comes to caring for our cats. Especially when they get sick. For instance, this past week when Aylen got what essentially amounts to as food poisoning, I found myself being doctor, nurse, and janitor. 🥴

During the wee hours of Tuesday morning I realized that Aylen was no longer sleeping next to me. After making my second trip to the bathroom, I was just about to doze off again when I heard a cat vomiting in the doorway. Something compelled me to drag myself out of bed once more instead of leaving the mess for the morning.

That’s when I realized it was Aylen who threw up: a dark pile of partially digested food was deposited in the middle of the walkway. As I was cleaning up the mess it seemed unusual somehow…very smelly and dark.

Homeopathy for food poisoning

Since I was up I decided to go ahead and make her a homeopathic remedy to help settle down her stomach. Using muscle testing I determined that Nux Vomica 30C was the best remedy for her. This is a common remedy for diarrhea, vomiting, and food or toxin poisoning. I stirred the remedy about 100 times before the first dose since the situation was acute.

While I was in the kitchen preparing the remedy I suddenly noticed the putrid smell of poop. Sure enough, there on the floor behind me was a small pile of dark, smelly, runny poop with more drops in several places across the floor. After cleaning these messes up I finally went back to bed.

A few short hours later when I woke up I found Aylen sleeping in the closet looking pretty pitiful. You could just tell she felt miserable. After giving a second dose of Nux I set out to determine energetically what was going on. In addition, I also did some energy healing work on her using Mind Body Spirit Release to clear the stress from her body and help it rebalance.

Food toxin stress

Muscle testing pointed to a toxin in the food as the source of the stress. She had been on a raw food strike recently, so I knew that wasn’t it. The food she had eaten for dinner and again before bed was canned tuna and ocean fish. Next, I narrowed down the toxin energy to PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenols). PCBs are a class of chlorinated compounds, normally found in fish and animal fats, and known to be disruptors to the immune, endocrine and reproductive systems. While I have no definitive proof PCBs were present in the food she ate, this energy was contributing to her GI distress.

Not too long after her second dose of Nux she moved from the closet to her favorite pillow on my bed. She still looked a bit poorly but definitely better than a few hours earlier. Around 10:30am I gave her one more dose of Nux.

Shortly thereafter that I discovered more piles and drops of smelly poop in other areas of the house and resumed my janitor role. Ugh. She definitely had a rough night.

Getting quick results naturally

Around late afternoon she was asking to go outside! She looked healthy, perky and more relaxed, too. That evening I fed her a jar of Gerber Ham n Gravy baby food because I knew she would need something gentle and easily digestible as her GI system was still resetting. By the next day she was ready to eat her raw food again and back to her normal self! As an added bonus I included some probiotics for a couple of days to help her microbiome, too.

While dealing with GI upsets is not fun, it doesn’t always require running to the vet. Having a common homeopathic remedy like Nux Vomica on hand can help stimulate the body’s vital force to reset and restore balance. Furthermore, adding energy healing work can aid in speeding up the recovery process, too. Finally, learning how to muscle test can be a game changer so that you can find out exactly how the body needs supported and choose the right supplements, remedies and foods accordingly.

If you’re interested in learning how to empower yourself we have muscle testing and homeopathy workshops available, and you can learn at your own pace.

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