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Seasonal Allergies In Cats: Is Your Cat Suffering?

Natural remedies for cats with seasonal allergies

Cats And Allergy Season

Spring has sprung! Trees are blooming here, emerging from one of the coldest winters we’ve seen in Houston, Texas in years.  Many of my friends are already suffering from all the pollen.  It’s everywhere!   Cats can suffer from seasonal allergies, and boy can they be miserable!  Rather than put your cat on pharmaceutical drugs that are toxic and laden with side effects, I’ll give you several suggestions that take a more natural approach.

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms In Cats

While humans symptoms can be more respiratory related, cats tend to exhibit them on their skin and fur.  Although it’s less common, cats can also develop a runny nose, coughing and sneezing.  If you notice redness–on the skin, around the eyes, nose, mouth, paws, and even the anus there’s a good chance your cat is suffering from allergies.  Indoor cats are susceptible, too, because we drag pollen into the house on our shoes and clothes.  Open windows allow the particles to filter inside, too.  Our cat, Rocket, is super sensitive to environmental allergies.  When the flowers and trees started to bloom recently he would sneeze, his nose ran a bit, and he began to sound a little congested. 

The Role of Histamine

Allergies are an immune system response involving a compound called histamine.  An article in Catster Magazine explains how the histamine response works:

Histamine is released by the body when an allergen is encountered.  This triggers an immune system response and the body starts reacting to fight off the perceived invader.  In this case, there is no invader.  Just the early signs of spring. So you and your cat end up as miserable messes.

Ways To Prevent Or Reduce Allergies Naturally

Knowing that all drugs have side effects and expose our cats’ bodies to toxins, a better option is to provide solutions and preventative measures that work naturally with the cat’s body.  

  • Frequent baths.  Whether your cats goes outdoors or stays indoors a regular bath will help remove the allergens from its fur and body.  Your kitty may only need baths during the seasons that are most bothersome.  
  • Foot soaks or washing off your kitty’s paws when he comes inside will eliminate allergens and prevent them from being tracked all over the house and bedding.
  • Keeping your house clean with regular vacuuming, dusting, etc, can go a long way in cutting down allergens.  Be sure to wash your cat’s bedding regularly, too.  You may also consider investing in a HEPA filter to pull allergens out of the air in your home.

Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, also shares how important it is to keep your cat’s immune system strong.

Because allergies are an immune system response, it’s important to keep your pet’s immune function optimal. This means avoiding unnecessary vaccinations and drugs. And I do not recommend you vaccinate your pet during a systemic inflammatory response. Vaccines stimulate the immune system, which is the last thing your pet with seasonal environmental allergies needs. Talk to your holistic vet about titers to measure your pet’s immunity to core diseases as an alternative to automatically vaccinating.

If you haven’t already, move your pet to an anti-inflammatory diet. Foods that create or worsen inflammation are high in carbohydrates. Your allergic pet’s diet should be very low in grain content.

Research has shown that ‘leaky gut,’ or dysbiosis, is a root cause of immune system overreactions, so addressing this issue with a holistic vet is an important aspect of reducing allergic reactions over time.

Should You Try Supplements?

There are several natural supplements that work extremely well for cats with seasonal allergies.  Quercetin, Bromelain and papain work really well together in suppressing the release of histamine.  They also help reduce inflammation. 

Adding Omega 3 oils like krill, salmon oil, tuna oil and anchovy oil will help decrease inflammation, too.  Regular use of coconut oil can also help prevent inflammation.  

Energy Medicine For Allergies

Natural ways to alleviate seasonal allergies in cats


To alleviate Rocket’s allergies I used an energy medicine technique called ECR (energetic cellular release).  It’s like erasing a cell’s memory of being sensitive to a specific stimulus; therefore, when encountering it in the future there’s a normal response, not an allergic reaction.  Rocket’s been cleared of ragweed, tree pollen, and cedar so far.  

Homeopathy For Allergies

There are several single homeopathic remedies that can be used for seasonal allergies in cats.  One that I’ve had lots of success with for Rocket is Nat Mur.  Other remedies include Allium cepa, Apis mel, Arsenicum alb, Euphrasia, and Hepar sulph calc.  There’s even a homeopathic product zoned specifically for Texas allergies called Texas Trees, Weeds, and Grasses by Allergena.

Allergy season doesn’t have to be a suffering season for you or your cat!  Using a variety of these methods will help reduce symptoms, build the immune system, and relieve histamine responses for good.  Then your cat can get back to doing what she’s been looking forward to all winter:  watching all the birds and squirrels and soaking up those warm rays of springtime sunshine.  

 Does your cat suffer from allergies?  If so, what have you done that’s been successful?

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