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Skin Sores On Cats–Holistic Help For Nilla

Skin sores in cats

Nilla after holistic help for skin sores

Life can keep us cat parents pretty busy at times.  One day your cat seems fine, and then suddenly, as if out of the blue, something is off.  Chances are good that perhaps you didn’t notice the little warning signs.  They were there all along, but somehow you missed connecting the dots.  In a household with more than pet it can be even more challenging to keep up with everyone. 

What’s causing my cat’s skin sores?

Last month my dear friend, Lisa, sent me a message that her cat, Nilla, had developed red sores on her face and ear.  Lisa has an At Your Paws membership, which provides ongoing holistic health coaching for cats.   Being someone who loves a good mystery, I set out to investigate what could be causing the skin sores.

Skin sores and skin irritation in cats is oftentimes related to an allergy of some type.  In fact, according to an article by Tammy Hunter, DVM and Ernest Webb, DVM, “allergies are one of the most common conditions affecting cats.  An allergy occurs when the cat’s immune system overreacts or is hypersensitive to foreign substances called allergens. Allergens are simply foreign proteins that the body’s immune system tries to remove.”

Their article goes on to say that there are four types of allergies in cats: insect (fleas), food allergy, inhalant (house dust, pollen, and molds), and contact.  Allergies affecting the skin show up as itching and are by far the most common, and itching can manifest as localized or all over the body.

Cats with skin sores

Nilla before

Akin allergies in cats

Nilla before

Holistic help for Nilla

While most vets rely on steroids, an elimination diet, and expensive skin allergy testing  to determine or treat what a cat is allergic to, my favorite tool is simply muscle testing.  By using muscle testing with the cat’s photo I am able to determine what is resonating with the symptoms and how to narrow down the cause.  As a result, I can provide answers and recommendations for healing right away, at a fraction of the cost.  

Using Nilla’s photo I began ruling in and out all the possible causes, and the only thing that resonated with her was food!  Nilla eats a wet diet primarily of beef and chicken, so I began testing proteins.  Surprisingly she had a sensitivity to beef and not the chicken!    

Nilla’s immune system was overreacting to the allergen, which was manifesting as skin sores on her head and ear. Removing the beef from her diet would only partially help Nilla, so I used an energy medicine technique to remove the body’s reaction to the allergen and calm down her immune system. 

Whenever I asses a cat with a health issue I always muscle test to determine if additional support is needed in the form of supplements, alternative therapies, etc.  In Nilla’s case homeopathy tested well.  The challenge would be determining which remedy to use!  Fortunately, in cases where there is an overactive immune system, the choices narrow down quickly.  Three doses of the remedy Histaminum 30C was the perfect choice.  I sent Lisa off to the store to get the remedy along with instructions on how to use it.  

Get results!

A few days later I reached out to Lisa to check on Nilla and was shocked–and happy–at her reply.  She was ecstatic!  Nilla’s skin sores were virtually gone after three doses twelve hours apart, just as I had instructed!  Now those are some fast results!  Now symptom free, both Nilla and Lisa are much happier and relieved.  

Need results for a condition going on with your cat?  Or perhaps you prefer to utilize a more holistic approach to your cat’s health and would benefit from ongoing coaching and guidance.  Consider joining the At Your Paws membership!



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