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The Pet Fooled Documentary

Pet Fooled Documentary

Perhaps now days more than ever pet parents are finally asking questions about what is in their pet’s food.  In recent years many dogs and cats have been affected by pet food recalls.  Unfortunately, many of these pets have been injured, and some have died.  While this is truly heartbreaking, it’s getting people’s attention.  While doing some research this week I stumbled across a movie that I somehow missed watching a few years ago.  It’s the documentary Pet Fooled. 

Have you been pet fooled by the pet food industry?

The creators of the movie are on a quest to find answers to a simple question:  what are cats and dogs supposed to eat?  The answer turns out not to be so simple.  They find themselves on a journey into the pet food industry that would take years of investigation.  Furthermore, the truth and deception they uncover is shocking. 

As they begin to take a closer look at pet food products lining grocery store and pet store shelves it becomes obvious that what we see on the outside is not necessarily on the inside of the packages.  Society has long purchased pet food for convenience and out of brand familiarity without questioning what is actually in it.  Now that is changing.

People lied, pets died

Back in 2007 everything changed.  The largest pet food recall in history unfolded with the discovery of wheat gluten contamination with melamine after thousands of pets were getting sick and dying.  The investigation led to Senate hearings and the discovery of how melamine, an industrial chemical not approved for use in animal or human food, ended up in pet food.  Essentially a company in China intentionally passed off wheat flour laced with isocyanuric acid and melamine for wheat gluten.  This cheaper, poisonous ingredient ended up in over 90 brands of pet food.

Veterinary experts weigh in on species appropriate diets

To my delight and surprise two well known integrative veterinarians are interviewed in this documentary.  Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, and Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, are working tirelessly to expose the deception in the industry and help pet parents learn better ways to feed their pets.  Previous experience working with wildlife taught them how all animal species have their own species appropriate diets, and these diets are essential for the dietary needs and health of each animal.  However, what they were taught in veterinary school was very different and didn’t add up.  Therefore, they began to question the standards that are used today in the making of commercial pet food.  

Furthermore, these vets are seeing in pets the very same diseases that people have these days–at an epidemic level.  These include obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, etc, and they can be linked to the diet.  Despite these facts, pet food manufacturers would have you to believe their food is healthy, complete and balanced.  In addition, they propagate against fresh and raw diets, creating much of the confusion in the marketplace today. 

The truth about pet food labels uncovered

Do you ever read the label on your pet’s food?  Pet Fooled dives deeper into reading and understanding pet food labels, crafty marketing messages, and the quality of the ingredients themselves.  The education you will get is priceless!  There are so many secrets pet food manufacturers and industry leaders heading up the AAFCO hide from consumers that it will leave your head spinning.  Pet Fooled documentary makers also interview pet food consumer advocate, Susan Thixton, founder of Truth About Pet Food.  Her personal journey fighting for transparency in the industry and FDA enforcement of pet food law is inspiring.  

Awareness can bring about change, and this is why every pet parent needs to watch this documentary.  Pet Fooled will empower you with knowledge that you can use to help your pets improve their diets and ultimately their health.  It may even save their lives.

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