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The Simple Food Project Cat Food

The Simple Food Project cat food

There’s a shift happening in the pet food industry…perhaps you’ve noticed?  Consumers are demanding quality, sustainability and transparency by pet food manufacturers.  Because SO many products and foods are developed for dogs, it’s always refreshing to find something great for cats, too.  The Simple Food Project cat food is made by doing things differently, and that’s why I’m excited to introduce you to it.

How The Simple Food Project cat food is different

The Simple Food Project cat food is just that:  made with only 13 fresh, whole food ingredients.  Developed by a holistic veterinarian who understands the power of real food, this food takes a different approach.  Each recipe is high in skeletal and organ meats, rich in omegas, and low in carbs sourced from fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds.  The food is then freeze-dried raw in order to preserve the nutrients in each ingredient.  As a result, feeding real food produces a noticeable improvement in fur, clean teeth and maintaining a healthy weight.  

Ingredients matter 

The food is sourced in the United States except for one item from Norway in order to guarantee the highest quality ingredients.  Next, it’s made in their GMP (good manufacturing practice) facility in Wisconsin.  There it’s crafted in small batches in order to maintain the freshest food possible.  

You won’t find any synthetic vitamins and minerals in The Simple Food Project pet food.  Instead, whole foods provide them all.  Furthermore, they don’t use any high temperature cooking processes that damage the nutritional value of the ingredients.  Finally, things like corn, soy, wheat, gluten, grains, fillers, artificial preservatives, flavors and dyes are strictly forbidden.  

Options for feeding The Simple Food Project cat food

The Simple Food Project cat food can be served in a variety of ways:  crumbled as a topper, offered as treats, served as is or rehydrated with water or broth.  No matter which way your cat prefers, adding in real food always has a positive effect on your cat.

The Simple Food Project cat food options

The cat food comes in three flavors:  Chicken & Turkey, Salmon & Chicken, and Whitefish & Duck.  If you’re looking for a really low carb content go with either the Chicken & Turkey (5%) or Salmon & Chicken (6%).  The Whitefish & Duck contains a small amount of lentils raising the carbs to 14%.  Therefore, if carbs or legumes are a concern for your cat stick to the other two flavors.  

Try it before you buy it!

We have tried all three flavors, and my cats absolutely LOVE them all!  As a result, we have teamed up with The Simple Food Project to provide our readers, followers and customers a special 10% discount when you use our code PURRRFECT when you order.  Plus, if you email, call or message them on social media and tell them we sent you they will send you free samples!  Yes, FREE!  Got a dog, too?  No problem!  They make dog food, too, of course. 

Give The Simple Food Project cat food a try and let us know what your cat thinks! 

In full disclosure, we receive a small referral fee when you order using our special code.  Want to learn more about optimal nutrition for cats?  Check out this page.

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