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TNR For A Feral Cat Using A Holistic Approach

Holistic approach to TNR for feral cats


In the summer of 2018 a feral cat started showing up in the vicinity of my house.  Unbeknownst to me at the time I later learned our neighborhood had a TNR program (trap, neuter, return) for neighborhood feral cats.   This kitty was different somehow.  Filled with sadness, it was his eyes that got to me.  He also had several deep cuts and wounds around his head and neck that looked awful.  I knew I had to help him.   

Unable to resist practicing my animal communication skills, I was excited to speak to him.  He told me his name was Jarvis, and his story was very moving.  Since that time I would put food out for him with colloidal silver or homeopathy in it to treat his wounds. He tends to come and go, roaming up and down our street visiting several houses in the neighborhood for food.  However, whenever he comes around I feel like it’s because he needs my help. 

TNR for Jarvis became my mission 

I’ve never been involved in TNR programs for feral cats, mainly because the opportunity had never presented itself.  Jarvis, however, changed all that.  Realizing that no one in my neighborhood seemed intent on trapping him, something inside of me wouldn’t let it go.  I knew in my heart he was my project.   

After making some inquiries this past summer I learned that a lady named Tori was in charge of the TNR program in my neighborhood.  After reaching out to her she lent me a trap.  Operation Jarvis was  launched!  Despite trying several different times to catch him, he was very elusive and managed to eat the food without the trap closing. Weeks passed, then months.  Looking back, I can now understand perhaps why he wasn’t neutered yet!  This cat was very smart!

Would animal communication help with TNR?

When I came home from work the other day and saw him outside I knew I had to try again. But this time I took a different approach.  Remembering an article written by one of my animal communication teachers, there was a story about a rancher struggling to load a cow onto a trailer destined for a slaughterhouse.  Knowing animal communication the rancher finally asked the animal for its cooperation and offered gratitude for its sacrifice.  To her amazement the cow calmly walked in on her own.  Despite being a grim reality this always stuck in my mind. 

 On this particular evening I went outside and made eye contact with Jarvis, connecting my heart to his. This time, however, I simply asked him if he would please go into the trap tonight, and then I told him why.

“Jarvis, I’m very concerned about you.  I see your sadness and know that you are bullied by the other feral cats.  I don’t want you to be hurt, beat up, or get in fights anymore.  Once we get you neutered I will return you here, and you can live in peace and out of harm’s way.”

As I looked into his eyes from a distance I heard him tell me, “I’m scared!  I’m scared!” I reassured him that I would take care of him, that I loved him and wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to him.  Then I went inside, leaving the trap ready to go with tempting food inside.

“Look how close we are, Jarvis!”

About 10 minutes later I quietly went back outside to check on him.  Like all the times before, he was inside eating, but the trap hadn’t closed!  Standing there watching him I could tell he was a bit nervous; therefore, I kept watching and talking to him. 

 A few seconds later he finally stepped on the spring, closing the trap!!  For a couple of seconds he began trying to escape.  Then, as if accepting his fate, he quietly sat down, watching me .  I sat down next to the cage talking to him, reassuring him that everything was going to be OK. “Look how close we are, Jarvis!”  After a few minutes I covered the cage with a sheet and went inside.  

 Holistic healing & TNR

“I finally caught him!,” I reported to Tori.  She was amazed as I shared the story of how everything transpired. Next, we made arrangements for me to transfer him to the holding space in her home later that evening.  In the meantime, I brought Jarvis into our courtyard to do some holistic work on him. 

Muscle testing revealed he had four trapped emotions:  vulnerability, sadness, fear and terror. Using a technique called Energetic Cellular Release that I learned from my Naturapath, I was able to remove these emotions along with energetic blocks to his kidneys and immune system. I also dropped Bach’s Flower Rescue Remedy on him through the cage.  Thankfully, muscle testing also revealed that no viruses were resonating with him.

Never crying, hissing or flinching, he remained amazingly calm.  He even let me touch his fur through the cage!  Surprisingly, this demeanor continued when transferring him to my neighbor’s house.

TNR program

Jarvis was surprisingly calm in the trap

TNR success–Operation Jarvis is complete!

Tori dropped him off at the vet the next morning, and his surgery was successful. In addition to his neuter he received a rabies vaccination, a Convenia shot to address his cuts and scratches, and a flea treatment (that I would not recommend).  Lab testing also confirmed he was FELV/FIV negative!  He seemed a bit relieved to see me when picking him up later that day and returning him to Tori’s house.

After transferring him to a larger crate with food, water and a litter box, he still remained calm.   To help his body detox from the anesthesia and flea treatment he unfortunately received, muscle testing determined which natural products would benefit him.  I mixed 4 drops of milk thistle and 3 ml of colloidal silver into his food.  Tori said his bowl was licked clean when she checked him the next morning!

 Later that afternoon my husband and I released him back into the empty lot next door to us.  To say he was excited to be set free would be an understatement!  He ran off without even looking back.  To my amazement I no longer saw the deep sadness in his eyes!

TNR for feral cats

Jarvis is ready to be released

A holistic approach to TNR 

A couple of days later I rechecked him energetically using his photo.   I found and cleared a new trapped emotion:  humiliation!  I guess he wasn’t too thrilled to be without his “manhood.”  Poor guy. Other than that he was healthy and on the mend!  I’m hoping he will show up again soon to say hello.

I truly believe that using animal communication made the difference in trapping him. Asking for his cooperation and explaining my concern for him I believe convinced him that I was acting in his highest good.  Furthermore, using ECR to remove stressors, flower essences like Rescue Remedy, natural detox like milk thistle, and colloidal silver to boost the immune system are natural ways to support a cat physically, emotionally and spiritually in a TNR program.

If you are involved in a TNR program, have you used any holistic approaches?  Leave a comment below!

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