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Top Worst Dry Cat Food Brands

Are you buying the worst pet food brands?

Do you know what the worst cat food brands are?

I got a tweet this week that really caught my eye:  Top Worst Cat Food Brands.  Naturally, I was curious after doing so much of my own research on the subject of pet food that I had to click over and take a peek.

After a thorough discussion on the poor and toxic quality of pet food ingredients, and the fact that so much is biologically inappropriate for any pet to eat, much less cats, it went on to list the products and their ingredients list.  This is VERY powerful to see visually!  Chances are, even if you read my three part series on reading cat food labels, you may still have yet to go actually READ your cat food labels.   You’re probably thinking”I’ll get to that later,” or “Surely my brand is good…after all, it’s made by X company,” or “I get my cat’s food from my vet’s office, so it has to be ok.”  Right?  Wrong!  In fact, the truth is very upsetting.

Bad cat food ingredients = bad cat food

When I actually read the list of products that made this “Top Worst” list I was upset.  VERY upset.  My first thought was, “How do the executives of these companies sleep at night?”  The realization is that they sleep very well knowing their large bank accounts are growing daily at the expense of your cat’s health.

Keep in mind–we are all a by-product of what we eat, both humans and pets.  If we eat processed foods and things that are filled with toxic ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, food dyes, synthetic ingredients, GMOs, etc, we are creating an environment inside our bodies for illness and disease to grow and flourish.  On the other hand, if we prepare and eat food that is as close to it’s natural state, from the earth, as possible, leaving out the above list of offenders, our bodies and our cats’ bodies will thrive!

Who made the “Worst” list

Are you ready for the list?  You’d better sit down…

  1.  Purina Cat Chow Complete Cat FoodThe worst cat food brands are sold in grocery stores and vet clinics.
  2.  Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Feline Low Fat-Diabetic Gastrointestinal Dry Food
  3.  Purina Felina UR RX Diet
  4.  Iams Healthy Naturals Adult with Wholesome ChickenTrusted cat food brands use poor ingredients
  5.  9 Lives Daily Essential Cat Food
  6.  Meow Mix Tender Centers Salmon & Turkey Flavors with Vitality Bursts
  7.  Friskies Surf & Turf Favorites
  8.  Meow Mix Original Choice
  9.  The Goodlife Recipe Indoor Dry Cat Food with Real Chicke, Brown Rice and Garden Greens
  10.  Muenster Natural Cat Food
  11.  Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food Filet Mignon Flavor with Real Sea Food and Shrimp
  12.  Purina Cat Chow Naturals
  13.  Purina Kit & Kaboodle:  Original Medley Chicken/Turkey/Salmon & Tuna Flavors Cat Food
  14.  Ami Cat Vegan Cat Food (NO MEAT)
  15.  Evolution Vegan Cat Kibble (NO MEAT)
  16.  Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary SO Moderate Caloriehillsrx
  17.  Supreme Cat Combo
  18.  Tuffy’s Gold Premium Cat Food
  19.  Optimum Adult Cat Food
  20.  Goodlife Recipe Indoor Cat Food
  21.  Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food

These are just the kibble foods.  You probably recognize most of these brands, right?  Yep, they can be found at your vet’s clinic and in your favorite grocery store aisle.

How can you improve your cat’s diet?

Here are a few reminders to keep in mind:

  1.  Rotate your cat’s diet.  It’s not good to feed the same food every single day for the entire life of your cat.  Can you imagine how sick you’d be of your food if you had to eat the same thing every single day with no variety?  This is how lots of cats develop food allergies and food intolerances.
  2.  Don’t feed your cat anything from China.  Many cats-and dogs–have died horrible, tragic deaths because of food or treats made in China.Are you feeding your cat one of the worst cat food brands?
  3.  Kibble is killer.  The high heat processing involved in producing kibble creates toxic carcinogens, which cause cancer.  The heating process also kills all the nutritional value found in fresh, raw or under-cooked foods (hence the reason they have add all the synthetic vitamins, which are not readily absorbed, back in).  You’ve got to ditch the kibble.
  4.  Go grain-free.  Grains and legumes often contain mycotoxins and molds, and these can cause cancer.  Grains are also not species appropriate for cats as they don’t digest them well.
  5.  Avoid GMO free products.  Pet food companies like to use cheap filler ingredients like corn and soy products.  Not only are these terrible for a carnivore’s diet, these products are most likely genetically modified and loaded with toxic, cancer-causing pesticides.   In fact, the numbers are staggering:  88% of corn and 93% of soy produced in the US is GMO.  (Check out the data here.)
  6.  Your kitty is a carnivore at heart, and carnivores need to eat meat!

Where can you find great cat food?

Now for a bit of good news!  Even if you are unable to purchase some great, high quality cat food where you live, you can find lots to choose from in The Boutique for Cats!   This includes some of the very best options for your cat, including raw, freeze-dried, and premium canned foods that I actually feel good about and trust.  Many of these brands are small companies who truly care about the ingredients they use and want only the best for your cat.  They understand that cats are carnivores and need a meat-based diet.  Take a quick peek at some of the brands you’ll find:

  1. Whole Life
  2.  Sojos
  3.  Applaws
  4.  Earthborn Holistic
  5.  Weruva, bff, Cats in the Kitchen
  6.  Whole Earth Farms
  7.   Grandma Lucy’s
  8.   Pure Vita
  9.   Fussie Cat
  10.  Merrick
  11.  Wellness
  12.  Canidae
  13.  Nulo
  14.  Hound & Gatos
  15.  Fromm’s
  16.  Solid Gold

Do you have any stories or challenges to share about your cat’s food?  I’d love to hear from you!

You can read the full ingredients list of the above offender brands here.

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