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Urinary Blockage In Cats: Mojo’s Story

Male cat urinary blockage can be avoided by following a species appropriate diet.



Urinary Blockage in Cats

Urinary blockage in cats cat be deadly.My friend Rona has a cat named Mojo, now 11 years old, and for several years I was the designated cat sitter when she would go out of town.  He’s a a bit shy and reserved around strangers, even when that stranger was me fixing his breakfast and dinner each day!  Mojo loves his mamma though, and late last fall she had to rush him to the emergency clinic because he couldn’t pass any urine and got very sick.

It turns out he had a urethral obstruction, a very serious and life threatening condition. He spent several days in the hospital which ended up costing over $2000.  Older male cats are more prone to this, and unfortunately, feline lower urinary tract disease, FLUTD, tends to have reoccurring episodes. 

Diet Makes All the Difference in Preventing Urinary Tract Disease in Cats

Along with reducing your cat’s stress (which is often the culprit), the best way to prevent FLUTD is through diet.  According to Dr. Karen Becker, a holistic veterinarian, the best diet for your cat is “a species-appropriate raw meat diet that promotes a dilute and acidic urine pH; in other words, a meat-based, moisture-rich, carbohydrate-free diet.  When they receive this type of nutrition, in most cases their urinary tracts function perfectly.”  I worked with Rona to take Mojo off the Fancy Feast and dry kibble he had been eating and replace them with a grain-free, human-grade, meat-based food.

Support Needed

A couple of weeks ago she texted me that he was back at the vet’s office showing similar signs of FLUTD trouble again.  Luckily there were no crystals and no complete blockage.  He received a cocktail of meds again and eventually was back to his normal self again.  It became apparent to me that his body needed a little extra support since he isn’t on a raw diet.  Therefore, I muscle-tested him for several things and suggested she keep a few extra things on hand.


The Shopping List

Pet Alive makes a homeopathic formula blend called UTI-Free that can be used to provide ongoing support for the urinary tract as well as in acute cases where there is painful urination or urinary tract infections.  In Mojo’s case he would benefit from a tiny pinch daily on his food.  He also tested well for Feline Renal Support by Standard Process.  This daily supplement adds support to the entire renal system, including the kidneys.  In traditional Chinese medicine it’s standard practice to always support the kidneys whenever you’re treating the bladder because they are sister organs.  What affects one area can affect the other.  Standard Process products can only be purchased from a licensed vet or doctor, and luckily we have a connection there.  Finally, Mojo tested well for Cantharis 30C, a single homeopathic remedy used commonly for painful, burning sensation when trying to urinate, cystitis, and blood in the urine, to name a few.  I suggested Rona keep a tube on hand just in case Mojo gets another flare-up.  I’ll walk her through a protocol to follow when and if needed.  There have been lots of changes in Mojo’s life over the past several months, and even though they’ve been all good changes, it can still be very stressful on him.  Taking measures to make sure Mojo’s stress is eliminated as much as possible will play a big part in preventing further incidents.Urethral blockage in cats can be avoided with proper diet and supplementation.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know who gets scared more when a kitty gets sick:  me or the cat!  Many times a trip to emergency vet clinic is costly, but what choice do you have?  Your kitty is your family member you would go to the moon and back for.  Therefore, it’s so important to learn ways to prevent disease to begin with as well as learn simple things that provide supplemental support to their little bodies.  If your cat has been diagnosed with a condition or disease and you’d like to learn more about how you support his health, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

This type of disease is unfortunately very common.  If you have a story to share leave a comment below.

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2 responses to “Urinary Blockage In Cats: Mojo’s Story”

  1. Daunell Roller says:

    Pulsitilla 10m for flare ups saved my cat from blocking and It takes away burning pain, when you notice him licking or crying out because urine burns give the Pulsitilla 10M order it on line if you can’t find that strength get 1M also give DLMethionine 400mg to acidify the urine mix it in his wet food or broth once a day to avoid diarrhea start with 200mg and work up, if you can’t find it in capsules grinds up the tablets and get him on a raw diet ASAP mix in a little with regular wet food OR Abady makes a steak and kidney maintenance stress formula12oz canned food specifically for this issue add it into to his canned food it’s very dry my cats won’t eat it without mixing-lol- if you try raw diet Abady makes an excellent raw food. Most of my cats eat it plain the others take it mixed with canned. Give subcutaneous SALINE fluids ONCE a week to flush the crystals out get the bag and line from your vet they will show you how to do it all if they won’t show you or sell you the stuff to do it yourself FIND ANOTHER VET. Making a bone broth at home will help him drink more fluids my cats won’t drink the store bought broth bc it usually has seasonings find one with just plain broth and water in the organic food section or you can add tuna juice to water for a sick cat who won’t drink I don’t think it’s good for every day it has too much salt. Get PH strips to monitor his urine acidity my vet said it should be at 5.
    Good Luck. Peace be with you.

  2. Rona Michel says:

    Hi Pam,

    I love your blog …Mojo is famous

    Thanks for all the information, Mojo remains healthy at this time thanks to your help

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