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Vibrational Energy, Resonance and Sanctuary

Vibrational energy

What is your vibrational energy?

Vibrational energy, even though it’s unseen, it can often be “felt” if we slow down long enough and take it in.  Good energy is easy to recognize because we are attracted to its vibration.  It’s why we are drawn to certain people, places, and even animals.  Bad energy is just as easy to recognize.  Being around certain people or places bring you down; they can steal your joy and leave you with a feeling of angst or depression.  Our cats instinctively understand this because in many ways they are much more sensitive and intuitive than humans. 

Our cats always know when our heart is broken, when we are upset, and when we are angry or even happy.  Think about it–what do they do?  They comfort us when we’re down, enjoy our presence when we’re happy, and seem to know when to hide or avoid us when they see or hear tension.  We don’t have to teach them this–they just KNOW.  I think that’s amazing!

Life is filled with stressors, from driving in traffic, work deadlines, relationship struggles, battles with health… As a society we have become so de-sensitized to these stressors that often times we aren’t even aware of how they are affecting us.  Have you ever wondered how our stress levels and the vibrational energy we carry can affect our cats?  I know of actual pets who have taken on the illnesses of their owners in an attempt to help or try to protect them from the deadly affects of stress.  

Vibrational energy can have a profound impact on our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Let’s explore ways to increase the positive vibrational energy or resonance in our home and life that will benefit us a cat parents as well as our cats.  


There are so many benefits to regular exercise.  It actually raises the endorphin levels in our brain that makes us feel better, happier.  When we feel happy the chemistry in our body actually changes for the better.  Our vibrational frequency can actually increase!  Perhaps this is one reason why cats love to play, too.  

Nilla loves to spend time in the back yard.

Grounding and spending time in nature

Have you ever noticed how cats love to sleep in a sunny spot or sit in the grass?  Connecting to the earth by standing barefoot in the grass allows the flow of charged electrons flow into the body.  It can be very soothing and even healing.  Whenever possible spend time outside and connect with nature.  Absorb the sound of a running stream, birds chirping, the wind blowing; appreciate the various colors, textures, and sensations around you.  This can also be very powerful and healing as it boosts your vibrational energy.


If you can’t get outside, find a quiet place to sit, and spend a few minutes in deep breathing, clearing your mind and allow your body to feel “heavy” and grounded.  Daily meditation is also a great way to calm our mind, focus on breath, release negative energy, and connect to our higher, intuitive self that has so much wisdom to teach us.  

Clear the energy surrounding us

Our bodies, homes and offices can harbor bad energy that just needs to be cleared.  Smudging sage and waving it around each room and around our body and even our pets’ bodies can help clear negative energy.  You can even clear energy around you with your hands.  Start at your feet/ankles and wave your arms in an X pattern across your body; work your way up to your knees, core, face, and above your head.  Reach behind you and do the backside, too:  behind your head, back, and legs.  

Essential oils and flower essences

 The human body resonates between 62-72 megahertz. When we are sick, sad, or angry our frequency lowers; when we are happy or thinking positive thoughts it increases. Diffusing essential oils is good way to improve the energy around us and help raise our vibrational frequency.  Several oils that have a very high vibrational frequency include rose, frankincense, lavender, peppermint, Idaho blue spruce and Sandalwood.  

Flower essences are also energetic and can help raise our vibrational frequency.  You simply match the flower essence or choose a blend that best matches the emotions or health issue you want to improve.  

Setting intentions daily

The expression “speaking things into existence” is a very real thing.  Our thoughts and words set intention, and this intention is sent out into the universe as energy.  This energy manifests itself into reality.  If we wake up and say to ourselves it’s going to be an awful day our expectation is often fulfilled.  Conversely, if we set our intention to have a great day, to be positive, to clear our energy, to balance our chakras, to attract positive energy and people, that’s what we get.  Like attracts like.  

The power of music

Music definitely affects our moods.  Certain kinds of music resonate at a specific megahertz that clear our auras and boost positive energy.  Classical and meditation music are not only soothing to people, it puts our cats to sleep, too.  One of my new favorite musical artists is Mattia Cupelli, and you can listen to his masterpieces on this video.  Our cats love this music!  It touches our soul, inspires creativity, and definitely boosts everyone’s frequency in our home.

Rocket, Aylen and Gunner love listening to music.

A good cuddle session

As a cat lover there’s just nothing better than cuddling up with one of my cats. I love to feel the softness of their fur, hear the gentle rumble of their purr, and connect to the love we have for each other.  When life feels a little crazy or disappointing, or if I just want to relax, it’s my favorite way to reconnect and remind myself that everything is going to be alright.  

Whichever options you choose to restore good vibrational energy around you, understand that in the end it’s about sanctuary.  When we can surround ourselves with a loving, peaceful energy it will affect our life and our cat’s life in a positive way!

Want to learn more?  Check out this article on how your energy affects your cat’s health.

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