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What Role Do Trapped Emotions Play In Cat Health?

Releasing trapped emotions in cats


Do you ever stop to wonder why the universe keeps putting things in front of you over and over again?  Do you seem to see the same numbers, ads, article topics, or time of day?  Perhaps it’s hearing the same song or an animal crossing your path over and over.  That’s a message!  You would do well to stop and pay attention.  Over the past few weeks the topic of emotions and healing have been coming up for me.  Getting the “message,” I began to take a closer look.  When you understand the role that trapped emotions play in illness and disease I think you’ll find it fascinating!

Trapped emotions impact life force

Like three intersecting circles, the body, mind and spirit are all connected.  When dealing with an illness or disease you cannot address only one and be successful; you must address them all.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has always made this connection.  When energy is flowing freely among all the energy centers/chakras of the body, the life force/qi (pronounced chee), is always highest.  If the energy is blocked it affects health down to the cellular level.  Also, each energy center is connected to and affects surrounding organs, glands, and body systems. 

Trapped emotions are like balls of energy and vary in size.  They resonate at the vibration of the emotion originated from.   When the body and mind are unable to release them these balls of energy become stuck.  As a result the corresponding areas of the body can become symptomatic.  Here’s an example.  Symptoms of vomiting or loss of appetite can be tied to worry, which is often “felt” in the solar plexus area. Another example is when a pet or human experiences heartbreak.  Symptoms of heart disease or other heart related illnesses can manifest.

Real pets, trapped emotions

Did you know that animals are very sensitive to energy?  When evaluating cat clients with health challenges I always check for any trapped emotions.  These emotions may be inherited or from experiences they’ve had sometime in their lives.  Surprisingly, they can even be emotions picked up and absorbed from their owners!  Here are a few examples:

  • After nearly a year spent dealing with difficult family issues, a dear friend’s dog developed cancer.  The dog “took on” her owner’s stress trying to help relieve her burden. 
  • I recently discovered the trapped emotion of “peeved” in my own cat, Lili.  Immediately I knew it had to do with Aylen, our youngest cat.  Looking back to when we adopted Aylen, Lili was the most upset and took the longest to accept her. 
  • Another client’s cat had experienced traumatic situations on various vet visits.  The terror she experienced was contributing to her chronic urinary tract infection.  

“The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”

–Dr. Mehmet Oz

So where do trapped emotions actually manifest?  This is where things get really interesting!  Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code, teaches that symptoms of any health issue are due to imbalances going on in the body.  Therefore, finding and addressing these imbalances can restore health.  The chart below shows how specific emotions are connected to specific organs and glands of the body.  Coincidentally, this “code” also ties in to acupuncture meridians in traditional Chinese medicine.  

Trapped emotions in pets

Photo Credit: Wellness Unmasked, Inc.


First think about any health conditions, diagnoses, or behavioral issues your cat may be going through.  Next, take a look at Columns A and B in the above chart.  Then look at the corresponding organs and glands.  Do any resonate in any way?  By muscle testing it’s easy to determine if the emotion is trapped or not.  While this list is in no way an exhaustive one, it includes the most common emotions.  With ongoing kidney or bladder issues in cats, it’s likely that one or more of the ten emotions in that row are trapped.  Therefore, clearing or releasing that trapped emotion must be included in the wellness plan. 

Tools to release trapped emotions in pets

Finally, once trapped emotions are identified they must be released!  Releasing emotions in pets (and people) can be facilitated by an energy healing arts practitioner, through tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and flower essences.  Using various tools including magnets, light therapy, and pendulums along with intention can facilitate releasing trapped energy.  EFT works directly through tapping points on specific body meridians associated with a release of energy. 

Flower essences are “created by placing a flower or part of a plant or tree in water, placing it in sunlight, and allowing the water to take on the vibrational energies of that part of the plant or tree.” (The Lightfoot Way)  An emotion is paired with a flower essence found to work at that vibration.  As a result the body can return to balance and heal. 

Because animals are especially sensitive to energy, they can respond easily to energy healing.  In order to facilitate a holistic approach to healing be sure to identify and address any trapped emotions that are involved. 

Has your cat experienced any trapped emotions that resulted in a physical or behavioral condition?  What modality have you used to facilitate a release?  Share in the comments below!


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