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Be Inspired. Let's Stay Connected.


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Mastering Muscle Testing For Healthy, Happy Cats

I teach pet parents and professionals who are ready to grow on an intuitive level how to bring support and transformation to pets with unresolved issues by mastering the skill of muscle testing. This energy modality works to reveal the sources of stress and imbalance and determine the body’s preferred tools for healing itself so that pets can live the lives they deserve.
  • Do you feel frustrated or stuck because you don’t know how to help your pet’s unresolved issues?
  • Are you tired of chasing symptoms with food, supplements and medication?
  • Would you like to stop throwing money at things that are only providing a band aid to the problem?
  • Do you feel deep down inside there is more than a conventional way to bring transformation?
  • How would it feel to find the root cause or causes of whatever ails your pet?
  • Are you ready to shift perspective and look at things differently through the lens of energy?
  • Are you using a truly holistic approach that addresses the mind, body and spirit?
In this program you’ll learn the science and skill behind muscle testing, a modality used for decades by various holistic health professionals. Through a systematic process you’ll be able to find the answers and direction needed to bring transformation. As an intuitive, I have learned how to use this skill to help transform my cats and hundreds of clients’ pets emotionally, physically and spiritually. And you can too.

Our pets deserve to live a healthy, happy life; after all, they are family.

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Akashic Record Reading for Pets with Nina
I had a wonderful experience and felt very at ease and comfortable and thought I was given a lot of informative information. It went above and beyond what I excepted. So glad I did it.

T. Dotson

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