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To help cat owners learn about the options and benefits of natural, holistic health in order to not just live but to thrive. After all, our cats aren’t just pets...they’re family.

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Be Inspired. Let's Stay Connected.


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Mastering Muscle Testing For Healthy, Happy Cats

Our experts help frustrated, overwhelmed cat parents who are stuck managing their cats’ Feline Hyperesthesia symptoms transform the condition by mastering muscle testing. This energy modality will help uncover the sources of imbalance and determine the body’s preferred tools for healing itself so that the cat can live the life it deserves.
  • Do you feel lost and overwhelmed because you don’t know how to help your cat?
  • Is medication the only solution your vet is giving you?
  • Does your life revolve around a medication schedule, restricting your freedom to travel or be away from home for more than a few hours at a time?
  • Are diagnostics and clinic visits becoming a financing strain and yielding little results?
  • Are you confused because your cat’s condition came out of nowhere?
  • Does your cat struggle with additional challenges besides FHS symptoms?
  • Are you missing the root cause of the issue?
  • Have you tried various supplements, foods and made environmental changes but can’t determine if something is helping or not?
In our program you’ll learn the science and skill behind muscle testing, a modality used for decades by various holistic health professions. Through a systematic process you’ll be able to find the answers and direction needed to bring transformation. As an intuitive, we have learned how to use this skill to help transform my cats and hundreds of cat clients. And you can too.

Our cats deserve to live a healthy, happy life; after all, they are family.

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Pam has helped us through months of struggle with foods, remedies and setbacks. She never waivers. The thing I love most about Pam is that she is incredibly compassionate but also has strong boundaries. It made me feel instantly that we were in good hands. And she knows her stuff. Her instincts and skill with muscle testing do not fail. My cats’ wellbeing and health keep improving. Thank you, Pam! We are forever in your debt!

Cheryl M.

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