Holistic Health Services for Cats/People

We currently offer the following holistic health services:

  • Reiki
  • Animal Communication
  • Optimal Cat Health Analysis
  • In-Home Consultation
  • Mind Body Spirit Release(TM)

Scroll down to read about each one.  Should you choose to purchase the service you will be redirected via the link to our online store.

We offer other services as well for both pets and people, including Past Life Healing, Akashic Record Readings, and Angel Card Readings.  To learn more about these click here.



Reiki for Cats

Reiki is an ancient Japanese spiritual healing technique using the hands to help move and restore energy (ki) flowing through the body.  When this life force energy is strong and flowing freely, there is health and ease in the body.  On the contrary, when this energy is stuck, blocked or stagnant, dis-ease and blocks to health occur.  Restoring this open flow of energy throughout the body is highly beneficial on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki, because it is holistic in nature, can address both physical and emotional issues, supporting healing on all levels.  It is an ideal therapy to use with animals because it is gentle, painless, stress-free, and does not require direct physical contact in order to be effective; it also allows animals to choose their own level of participation and acceptance of the energy. 

A valuable time to offer Reiki to animals is immediately post-surgery, or post-treatment before they go home.  By offering Reiki at this time, veterinary technicians can support a quick recovery.  Another valuable time to offer Reiki is when an animal is sick or injured in order to assist in the healing process.

Energy is not limited by time or space!

Distance sessions are as effective as in-person sessions, and are often preferable to in-person treatments if an animal is excitable, anxious around strangers, very ill or ready to transition.  Distance treatments can benefit in the case of an emergency as they can be easier to schedule.

It is important that you have an open mind about the Reiki as it will allow your animal companion to relax and be open to accepting and communicating more freely.  You may be present with the animal; however, it is important that you remain quiet and calm.


Reiki healing for pets

Lori with her kitty Maya

Meet Lori!


I want you to meet our gifted practitioner, Lori Diebold.   Looking back, she had always wished that she could talk with animals.  Then one day she saw a YouTube video of a woman speaking with a wild tiger, and said to herself, “If she can do it I know I can, too!” 

And so began her journey and desire to help bridge the gap between humans and animals.  She has an amazing gift to spiritually connect with animals that are still here on this earth and those who have crossed over.   Lori has the unique ability to call in the angels for help as she works with your animal friend in a way that can resolve issues for you or help your pet find spiritual or emotional release and healing.

Her passion is helping clients and their pets find answers to their questions and provide guidance and comfort in difficult situations.  With endless compassion she puts her heart into every Reiki session in order to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual well being and healing.

Lori is a certified animal intuitive among other talents

Lori is a certified Master Metaphysician and has completed training as an Angel Intuitive Healer, Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master/teacher, Archangelic Light Practitioner, Color and sound Healing Practitioner, Mediumship and Advanced channeling. In addition, she is a Rohun Therapist, Kundalini Light Energization Healer and Certified Pranic Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, an energy healer, and an ordained minister.

Residing in Selma, NC, she shares her life with her husband, son, four cats and one dog.  She has rescued and fostered cats and dogs for 45 years.  In her free time if she’s not taking courses and continuing her certifications, she enjoys making homemade cards and all types of crafts.

Serving animals and their humans

Our beloved animals are put on this earth to help us learn. They are highly evolved souls who forgive easily and don’t hold grudges. They are here to help us with our own soul’s path by bringing more light, compassion, and unconditional love to the planet. They serve a purpose by teaching us patience and to love and accept ourselves, the way that they see us as perfect divine beings. This is part of my purpose, to help the animals heal their traumas because so many are helping the humans, but the animals are also carrying a lot of pain in their energy bodies and need healing as well. It is an honor to be able to help both people and our loving animal companions. The animals unselfishly give us so much. I love working with these pure souls as they are ascending the same as humans are, with a soul purpose of not just helping us but to also learn and grow as well while they are here on this earth. When we help the animals we help humanity bring more light to the universe. They carry old battle wounds just like we do. It’s an honor to help release this pain from their energy body as it is a great service to them and humanity.

~ Lori 


The session with Lori was amazing! She is “the real deal”. Very genuine and spot on. She has a true and deep connection with Spirit. I highly recommend Lori if you feel called to work with yourself.

Pia K.

I have been working with Lori for several sessions now and already recommending her to my friends because the work she does is amazing.  It’s brought us so much clarity and peace during a time of transition, uncertainty and anxiety. I already recognize a shift in both of our sweet kitties and their behavior towards each other and the family.  Thank you!

~Andy K.

Hi Lori,
KiKi did not return and I am sure he is in spirit at this point. Your message from him was true and it did help me accept what I knew to be true.

“OMG, Lori, I have goosebumps!”

OMG, Lori, I have goosebumps! I am working 3 jobs, trying to start my own business, have chronic anxiety, adrenal fatigue and insomnia but never would I have guessed that Nemo was trying to tell me to chill out!
Guess what my husband feeds our dogs every morning??? Yep cheese and lunch meat!!! He is always trying to eat anything anyone else has so I believe that he is bored. Lastly, we rescued a kitten this fall from the woods and nursed him back to health. He and Nemo seemed to really enjoy each other but my son took the kitten with him to college. Can you believe it? You are amazing!!!
Lori H.

Lori, the information resonated with me are things I’ve been aware/thinking about, and it’s very good to get confirmation on these things.

I hope it’s been positive for you to know how much was right on target and know that you definitely have a gift!
Mary B.

I’ve worked with Lori to clear stuck energy both for my cats and then for myself.  Lori spends the time (even if it takes 2 hours) to clear all chakras.  It was truly fascinating to read the reports on her experience with each of our cats.  Her reports reflected that she authentically connected by revealing actual experiences and personality quirks they each have.  She also communicated what they told her which was very fitting knowing our kitties.  She also cleared me as my energy was negatively affecting our cats.  I have had some of the deepest, most fulfilling healing ever (I’ve had therapy for around 7 years).  I highly recommend Lori for both getting insight into your animals and also for your personal healing (if needed).
Kathleen M.    


Lori, I’m sure you hear this quite often, you are truly one of the top 5 gifted people I’ve ever known in my 56 years of life.  I am sitting here reflecting on our session and feel as though I have a whole new outlook on life.  I realize we only touched the surface of issues that I have going back lifetimes.  What I learned and felt does not have a price tag.  Being able to connect with my mom through another person was invaluable to me.  It’s very hard to admit your fears and faults to yourself.  I feel lighter and very much more balanced.  More importantly, I am already noticing a difference deep within myself that I know will continue to help make me a better person, not just for myself but for everyone in my life.  Thank you thank you thank you.  You are the real deal.”
~Barbara L.

Interested in scheduling a session for Reiki?

For Reiki sessions:

Lori can do sessions for both pets and people!  Once your session is purchased you’ll receive a confirmation and Lori will contact you by email.  You’ll need to email her your animal companion’s name and a photo.  She will schedule a time for the session and asks that you be with your companion at that time.  Once the session is over she will email you within 72 hours and share with you any of the symptoms or messages your animal companion has shared as well as general feedback and information about the session.

Single session for pet:  $130

Single session for Pet Parent:  $130

Pet & pet parent:  $210



Animal Communication

As a pet parent how many times have you wanted to know what our furry friends are thinking or feeling?  I can tell you that animal communication is a very real thing, and everyone has this ability, they just don’t know it.  Essentially it is using a telepathic ability that we all have; we just have to be taught how to tap in to it.  There are many benefits to animal communication:  deepening your relationship with your animal, understanding or resolving behavior or health issues, learning what makes your animal happy, having a connection with them while you are away, and connecting after they have passed on or are about to pass.  Whatever your reason may be, I can assure you it can be life-changing.  These sessions are not intended to intuitively check treatments or products for specific health issues or conditions, but information gained from a session can be highly valuable for your vet.  Meet our two professional animal communicators!


speaking with animals

Lanna with her cat




My spiritual journey led to Kim Shotola’s Lightfoot Way Animal Communication class in 2008 after I was gifted an animal communication session.  The experience was truly life changing in my case.  Curiosity prompted me to take the class because I wanted to know how it worked.  During the class I knew I was hearing animals speak simply due to the distinct nature of the conversations I heard. There was no way I would have been able to make up all the information I received in my imagination.  Once I completed the class I began to channel the family dog, Haaris, whose name means Guardian in Arabic.  It felt like I was channeling God through Haaris, and this continued for a period of time.

I have always liked animals but to suddenly hear them express their thoughts and opinions completely transformed my reality.  As a result, I was no longer the superior party in any animal relationship.  Dogs, cats, and horses were eager to communicate once they knew I was listening.  I love the way pets’ personalities come through in the conversations.   Some are hilarious!  Other pets are relieved to be heard because they have wanted to talk about a problem for a long time.  Spirit is always there in the exchange.

That paradigm shift in reality led me to study other healing modalities including angelic healing, energy work and the Akashic Records where all information is stored including past lives that animals have shared with us.  I consider myself to be a life-long Seeker!

I was raised in Austin, TX,  and attended college at The University of Texas and in Spain with NYU.  After that I taught school, raised 3 kids while working from home in an export business, and now have 3 grandchildren.  I have had horses whenever I could afford one along with some memorable cats and dogs, too. Currently I hope to share the remainder of my life with my husband in the Austin Hill Country. Since we are seniors it’s good to keep things in perspective!   I am a caretaker to two horses, some cows, and a geriatric turkey.  My daughter Aisha’s two cats, Nick and Jeff, enjoy checking me out and staying around if they are so inclined and not too busy with other activities.

Animal Communication Sessions

All Nina’s sessions are written transcripts.  Once the session is purchased Nina will contact you by email requesting details including a photo, name and age of the pet, and questions.  Most sessions can be completed within 72 hours.  Urgent/emergency sessions can be completed within 24-48 hours. 

Session options:

$64 for 1 question or a quick check in
$99 for 3 questions
$140 for 5-6 questions

Urgent/emergency sessions are available for an additional $30.



I had the good fortune of meeting Nina in 2007 through horses. Nina has been a very important part in helping me keep my horses happy and healthy…both in the form of Equine Bodywork and Communication. She is both astute and intuitive in her communication. Often helping find issue that my veterinarians and I haven’t quite been able to figure out. 

I have some great and funny stories I could tell from her communications with my horses. One told her, years ago, that he was happy with my care and riding but to ” get rid of the dang cat!” The cat was constantly using his stall as a giant litter box!

More recently, one of my barn kitties disappeared. She had shown up about 8 years ago and had made herself at home. She used to follow me around at night when I was feeding and haying the horses outside. She’d meow like she was talking to me the whole time. Then one morning, right before New Years’ eve, my barn helper mentioned that she hadn’t seen her in awhile. Neither had I. She usually hung either in the barn or just outside on the grass. After a day or two, I got worried and asked Nina to check in with her. Sadly, she told me that the kitty wandered off and passed peacefully. She also told me that the kitty loved the being a part of my barn family and helping me . 

 I really appreciated Nina’s help in putting my mind at easy about my Noche kitty. 

~ Suzanne W. 

Nina is amazing!  She has been my distance animal communicator and has done energy work on my dogs for several years.   Through her knowledge, she had helped them overcome many health problems, behavior problems and food issues.  My dogs are responsive to her and I notice a calmness in them and a significant improvement after a session.  Nina is very down to earth and offers helpful tips that allow my animals to move ahead and heal.  She has helped me understand my dogs which has deepened my human-animal relationship with them.  Nina is truly gifted and a blessing to all.  Many thanks!

~ Liz, Stonie and Franny


animal communicator


Welcome to an exploration of interspecies communication – a journey of discovering ways to restore a deep relationship with different forms of life.  Lessons I have learned from my own pets are the gifts that led me on this journey, and I continue to develop and hone my skills. 

As a trained animal communicator, my role is that of a messenger and catalyst to communicate with your beloved pets and you.  Compassion guides me as I seek the animals’ greatest good in each session. By connecting with my intuition I engage with these souls in meaningful dialogue and bring their message to you. Working with animals is an expansive, heart-opening practice, that brings learning and healing while we work with the animals. You and I will work together–this is our journey!  Even though the practice is so expansive, it is very simple. Simply letting go of complexities, being present, and allowing the animals to show us the way is the most important part of the process. 

My calling has been to work with animals who are about to transition and helping pet parents prepare for this very difficult decision.  It can provide reassurance knowing if the pet is ready to move on and if the decision they or their vet want to make is the right one. I also love working with animals in spirit. The conversations with animals in spirit are comforting – even to me, as an animal communicator.  This connection brings reassurance to both myself and pet parents that our pets are always there, guiding us whenever we need their support. Finally, I too have embraced the pain of having two of my own cats go missing and they were never found; thus began my journey to become an animal communicator. My goal is to be with the pet parents on their journey when the pet is missing, to help them reunite, or whatever the outcome is for the pet’s greatest good. This process can be a short one or a long one. If you are reading this, I can empathize with your pain, and I hope that I can be of some service to you and your pet.

Prayer, hope and gentle nudges from the pets are what awaken our souls to the world of miracles and magic. It is an honor to be working with you and your pet. 

Bonnie is a Reiki Master and an Animal Communicator who specializes in working with lost pets, animals in transition, spirit animals and, animals in the wild. She spends her days and months between Germany and India and has several rescued animals of her own and a couple of wild ones who visit her every day. Other modalities she often uses during sessions include Reiki, dowsing, and muscle testing. 

Animal Communication Sessions

Once your session is purchased Bonnie will contact you by email requesting details and to book a time for your session.  You will need to please provide the following -photo, name, age, and questions.  Interactive sessions can be held via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google meeting or Zoom meeting.  

Bonnie does Animal communication in the following areas:

Animals in transition

Animals who have already transitioned

Lost pets

Note:  For animals in transition (a body scan & Reiki session included), answers will be given within 48 hours. For Animals who have transitioned, Bonnie will need 7 days. 

Session Options

Animals In Transition or Who Have Transitioned:

Interactive with written transcript:  20 minute interactive $111

For interactive sessions, you and Bonnie will set up an appointment that will be conducted via one of the options listed above. You will have the option to record the session, which is recommended so you can listen to it later to catch any details you missed the first time.

Written transcript only:

$99 for 3 questions
$140 for 5-7 questions

Written sessions can normally be completed within 7 days and upon receipt of the required details (photo, name, age, and question list).   Once Bonnie has spoken with the animal she will email you details of the conversation, which includes any messages your animal companion has shared as well as general information about the session.

Lost Pets

These sessions are interactive followed by a written transcript.  For lost animals, Bonnie takes a very fluid approach. There is a great urgency with any lost pet, thus she connects with the pet parents as a medium.  Clues are picked up while speaking to the pet parents which sets up a process of tracking the pet.  Bonnie honors the timelines set by pets to resurface and/or reunite. This will be explained in the initial connection with the pet parent(s). Throughout the journey, Bonnie will empower you with tools and processes that will enable you to connect with your lost pet while she keeps tracking the pet (via follow up stages) as long as the pet and pet parent permit her. The lost pet cases are an emotional journey for everyone involved and there are many soul learnings that come out of this. Thus, please buy this session if as a pet parent you are willing to follow through until the very end, embracing the outcome given to the animal communicator as they are shared by the pet. 

Initial session:  $140

This initial fee will include up to three sessions with the pet parent.

Follow up stages:  $50 per session



It was back in 2019 – my Mum’s cat was lost for almost 3 weeks by then and my Mum in despair having tried everything. Miki (10) used to roam in the huge garden areas surrounded by houses where my Mum lives but always returned home at night. 

While I was telling Bonnie about it (Bonnie not knowing the cat nor where my Mum lived) she told me that she got the image of a wooden gate and connecting with Miki she could make out that she was still alive but in pain, afraid and in hiding. Furthermore, that there was a strong smell of petrol surrounding her and a grey cat who seemed to look after her.

Telling my Mum about it, it came to light that there was indeed a wooden gate which was used by cats to get into the garden area and some garages. That behind the houses is a very busy road going into the city centre and a park. The grey cat being  a male cat who came to my Mum on and off getting fed. 

With this knowledge my Mum (at that time being almost 80) again mobilized everything. She went round all the houses and rang the neighbors and handing out leaflets. It is a huge area and a big neighborhood. All houses have their cellars opening to the garden area. 

Unbelievable within 3 days Miki came back clinging on to dear life – being only bones.  My Mum took her to the vet and she made it and fully recovered. She is now no longer wanting to go outside and stays with my Mum in doors and the grey cat has now moved in. Only because Bonnie described the situation so well due to picking up all those details from and around Miki – the fact that she was still alive brought the initiative to search for her again to life and ended in a success. My Mum is so greatful to Bonnie to have gotten her beloved cat back.

~ Vivien W. 

My husband and I connected with Bonnie in Nov 2020 under extremely stressful circumstances. One of our dogs had run away from home because of the firecrackers during Diwali and we were going crazy trying to find him. We had tried patrolling areas near our house, put up missing flyers all around the area, created a buzz on our Facebook and WhatsApp groups but there was no sign of him.That was when my mother in law mentioned reading about another couple who found their missing pet through Bonnie. By that time, we were pretty much willing to try anything that would work. And while neither of us were believers of animal communication at that time, we thought they was no harm in giving this a shot as well.

I connected with Bonnie on Whatsapp. Once we started chatting, I somehow felt at ease and knew that we would find Alex, even though it might take some time. She was so easy to talk to and made the whole process extremely simple. Right at the beginning she mentioned that she would only help us getting Alex back if he is willing (which, thank God, he was). 

Even though Bonnie was working on multiple cases at that time, she certainly gave us very clear directions of where we should look for him and where he could possibly be. It took us about 2-3 days to find him and bring him back. I know the beginning of our association with Bonnie was based on a horrible event, that I never want anyone to go through, but I am glad that it introduced us to someone as genuine as her. This entire episode earned us and Alex a friend for life! Even after all this while, Bonnie checks in on Alex every now and then. And I’m sure he is just as grateful as we are that we were able to find Bonnie at a time that we did.

I don’t know how many more people I have referred to Bonnie since that time but all those associations have been successful as well.. Thank you Bonnie (and I’ll never be able to say that enough times)🙂🙂🙂

 ~ Ishita, Gurgaon (India)



animal communicator


Growing up, I always felt a deep connection and intrigue with animals, specifically honing in on their emotions and distinct personalities. Animal communication is a skill that I began to demonstrate at a young age, and which I would end up refining in my late 20s.

As a child, I spent a lot of time in the Adirondacks of upstate New York, listening to and eventually connecting with the local wildlife including turtles, foxes, and bullfrogs. In the home, I would receive what I would later come to understand as the messages from the pets of family and friends, passing their information along as a general vibe, feeling or fact.

In 2020, I was guided to Danielle Tremblay’s animal communication classes. This experience was by far one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received as not only did it confirm my ability, it helped guide my practice to refine the ways I’m able to communicate. I was fortunate enough to have incredible teachers, both through Danielle and her pets, as well as through my own pets and those of my friends and family who were open to sessions. My own two dogs, a shepherd mix named Riley, and a pit bull plott hound mix named Scout have been incredible guides in the process.

Each animal is different, so I receive information in a few different ways. For most, its clairaudience and clairsentience, meaning I hear select words and responses or get distinct feelings/see visuals that the animals choose to show. While the communication styles may differ, the one consistent across all of my sessions is an ability to capture the animal’s personality. It is truly exciting and an honor to get to meet these beautiful souls, each of whom comes into the session with their own tone, opinions and experiences. Most people are fairly in-tune with their pets so my goal with each session is to help validate or clarify any concerns and help people and their pets understand each other just a little bit more.


Animal Communication Sessions

Kate’s sessions include a 45-60 minute live Q&A via Google hangouts or Skype.  Once the session is purchased Kate will contact you by email requesting details including a photo, name, nickname and age of the pet. During the in-person session, we will walk through your questions and she will provide responses in real-time.  Recordings are available following the call.

Session options:

$140 for a 45-60 minute session



Jae and Adrienne, The Two Crazy Cat Ladies, experienced an animal communication session with Lanna for the very first time after one of their cats passed away unexpectedly.  Check out their podcast as they describe their experience in detail.

A Real Conversation With Our Cat | The Two Crazy Cat Ladies



Pam Roussell of Purrrfectly Holistic

Optimal Cat Health Analysis

Muscle testing is the only way to know for sure if what you’re feeding or offering your cat is truly beneficial, if it’s needed/necessary and if it’s in your cat’s highest and best good to use it.  This can include food products, supplements, and any kind of medication whether it be something “natural” or “pharmaceutical.”  You can read more about how muscle testing works on our Holistic Health and Muscle Testing page.  Pam Roussell has developed a very strong intuitive ability and performs this analysis service herself. 

If your cat has a health issue or perhaps you want to find out if the products you’re using are beneficial, let’s muscle test and find out!  The technique works both in person and remotely with a photo of your cat.  How?  Energy is energy and cannot be limited to time and space.  Therefore, the energy resonating in person or remotely is the same.  When you purchase an analysis with Pam you’ll provide her via email a photo of your cat along with photos or a complete, detailed list (including brand names) of food, supplements, medications, flea/pest control, grooming products, and anything else pertaining to your cat’s lifestyle or health you would like analyzed.  Please allow up to 3 days for her to complete the analysis.

What it includes

  • A 20 minute consultation to discuss your cat’s health issue, diet, health history, recent vet exams, tests, and related concerns.
  • A complete, itemized list of any food, body system, organ, gland, hormone, environmental stressors (ie: people, pets, chemicals, allergens), medication, pathogen, emotional blocks and more resonating with imbalance and disrupting the vital force
  • Recommendations including protocols based on muscle testing your cat for compatibility
  • An energy clearing session to clear sensitivities, stressors or emotional blocks in the body
  • A complimentary copy of Optimal Nutrition for Cats, your guide to reading cat food labels and learning what to include in your cat’s diet that will give him the very foundation for a long, healthy life
  • Your cat’s story may be selected to be featured in one of our future posts (with your permission of course)

Optimal Cat Health Analysis  $149.00


Want to see an example of what this looks like?  Check out Tanisha’s Story and Liz Taylor’s Troubles.  You can also ask Pam questions and discuss your concerns before you purchase.  Click here for a FREE 20 minute consultation.

Mind Body Spirit Release

Mind Body Spirit Release (TM)

Mind Body Spirit ReleaseTM (MBSRTM) is designed to help remove cellular imprints from negative experiences and trauma. Our bodies remember every hormone, neurotransmitter, energy/nerve block, limiting belief and emotion from each significant event in our lives, even though we might not remember in our conscious minds. When our cells are triggered – by something like a person, emotion, relationship or even a smell – to recall an event, our bodies can re-enact the same experience on a biochemical level. This is done on a subconscious level over which we have no control.

Because we have no control over these biochemical reactions, they can make us experience physical and emotional symptoms that we would not like to have. For example, an imprinted limiting belief that you do not deserve to succeed will create a situation where you are subconsciously sabotaging your ability to succeed (in career, relationships, health, weight…). No amount of positive thinking or affirmation-saying can change this because 95% of the brain operates on a subconscious level and is making this decision for you. To make matters worse, the conscious mind innately wants to prove that what the subconscious mind believes is true, so it will protect those false beliefs. It is simply a self-preservation mechanism.

MBSRTM is a way to help identify those negative cellular imprints buried in the subconscious and release them so that you are free to re- create your own story, to reach the goals you desire, to be more of the person you want to be. Depending on the number of layers or imprints, results can be immediate, or can happen gradually through several clearings over time. Just know that a new and wonderful freedom awaits you through MBSRTM!

“We operate from the conscious mind less than 5% of the day. Unless the subconscious has the same programming as the conscious mind, the power of positive thinking will not work.” -Bruce Lipton, PhD

How do you access these blocks?
We use a technique sometimes applied by hypnotherapists, psychologists and psychotherapists called The Ideomotor Response. It is easily done by measuring a muscle (-motor) response to an “idea” (ideo-) or statement. In this case, we use a pendulum which responds via muscle movements in the hand. The subconscious mind provides data this way that is relevant to the blocks keeping you from reaching your goals and then we are able to clear the subconscious blocks.

How do you clear these blocks?
Once we are aware of the blocks, we can use a cold laser to stimulate certain acupuncture points, meridians and reflex points to eliminate the body’s stress reaction to the blocks and allow you to input healthy beliefs that support your goal.

What to expect after your session:
MBSRTM is very individualized and each person processes through the clearing differently. Many people immediately feel like a weight is lifted and are very relaxed and even a bit detached, while a small number go through a detox of sorts as the body is finally able to release stored physical and emotional toxins. This is normal and healthy and very short-lived. Remember that this modality only truly works if you are involved in the process, willing to let go of your blocks and willing to do the work to move to the next level of wellbeing. MBSRTM is simple, effective and can literally change your life – are you ready to let go of what is holding you back?

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Reprinted with permission from Mind Body Spirit Release TM Academy


Pam is truly gifted!

Pam has been working her magic on my cats for 2+ years, and now she has helped me as well! During Mind, Body, Spirit Release she found trapped emotions, fears, self limiting beliefs and specific problems that were currently going on in my life. I was shocked at how accurate it was each time, and grateful I was able to acknowledge and work on these issues. She gave me the tools to help work on myself and it was a truly healing experience. Highly recommend!

~Lindsay R.A

I am forever grateful for Pam.
She has worked on my animals several times, this time she worked on me!
We worked together to come up with an “Intention Statement” cleverly including everything I wanted my life to be. Then she did her magic, while I meditated for the first time. It was SO relaxing, I almost fell asleep! After the session, she emailed me the notes and we went over them together. We got to the “life event” that I was holding onto and I burst into tears. I was detoxing emotionally, Pam removed that trauma imprint from me. I have never felt as relaxed as I did after our session. It’s been two weeks since we met, my goals are being met, I have never been more organized, clear-headed, worry-free and I have lost 10 pounds!! I am forever grateful for the work Pam does, but she is really hitting it out of the ballpark with this service.
Pam, THANK YOU for being you, and thank you for always giving your best!

~Maurica E.


Pam is a natural at utilizing MBSR to identify and clear all manner of blocks. After speaking with me about what I was experiencing, she quickly zeroed in on the perfect intention for this session.  After identifying the blocks that needed to be cleared, Pam sent a list of what was cleared during the session. Everything she listed resonated with me and even though I didn’t know what time she would start clearing, it turns out that the shift I felt that very evening happened right after she was finished. Amazing!

~Cindy P.


Booking your session

Once you have purchased the Mind Body Spirit Release session Pam will send you a calendar link to book your appointment.All appointments are held remotely via a Google Meet link. 

Please download the CLIENT INTAKE FORM.Once completed please email it to pam@purrrfectlyholistic.com within 24 hours of your appointment.

Initial appointments will last around 2 hours, and follow ups will be around 90 minutes.

Pet Sessions

Mind Body Spirit Release (TM) for pets is ideal for releasing emotional blocks related to behavior issues as a result of negative experiences or trauma.  Oftentimes this can look like conflicts between family members or an inappropriate/change in behavior.  A free 20 minute consultation is included if needed in order to better understand the pet parent’s concern.  However, no online meeting is necessary while Pam performs the actual session on the pet.  Sessions can normally be completed within 48-72 hours.  Clearing notes and recommended next steps will be sent to the pet parent upon completion.  

Please download the Pet Client Intake Form and return it along with a photo of the pet by itself to pam@purrrfectlyholistic.com.

Note:  Mind Body Spirit Release (TM) is not intended to energetically assess underlying health conditions associated with foods sensitivities, vaccines, environmental toxins, chemicals, or sensitivities, etc.  To address these kinds of issues we recommend starting with the Optimal Cat Health Analysis.  


MBSRTM is a form of energetic clearing and nothing from this description or from the session connected to it is meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe in any way. ©2021 Tracy W. Southwick, ND, HHP




In-Home Consultation 

If you reside in the Georgetown, Texas, area Pam can meet with you and your cat in the privacy of your own home to resolve health or behavioral issues.  Sometimes this is the best way to understand and observe behavior, find solutions to conflicts, muscle test remedies, provide ECR, and more.  The fee is $75/hour and will be prorated by 15 minute increments.  For appointments 10 miles or more away from the home office there will be a $25 travel fee.  Payments are due when services are rendered and can be made by cash, check or PayPal or directly through the website here.  Contact Pam by email at pam@purrrfectlyholistic.com or by phone at 713.562.6888 to book an appointment.

Disclaimer:  We are not vets!  Our services are not intended to replace regular veterinary care but can be useful as a complimentary tool.Results and findings are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure.  If purchasing any services you agree and understand that service providers are not  licensed veterinarians or doctors and are only facilitating wellness using energy techniques including muscle testing and energy testing to identify and address stressors and recommend holistic health modalities that are found to be in your cat’s highest and best good.