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Color Therapy for Pets

color therapy for pets
Aspen, undergoing cancer treatment, sits on a pink blanket

The search for natural therapies is on rise, not only for people but for cats, too. While some conventional therapies and medications can be expensive, there are also inexpensive ways to provide holistic support. Once such way is using color therapy.

What is color therapy?

Color therapy uses the vibrational energy of colors to help with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Originally known as chromatherapy, it originated in China, India and Egypt. Color is a form of energy, and every color has its own unique wavelength. These wavelengths can bring the pet’s energy back into balance.

Our pets have two photoreceptor cones that allow them to see some colors but not all. Fortunately being able to see them isn’t necessary because healing with color therapy relies on vibrational energy. Therefore, color affects our pets whether they can see it or not.

How to use color therapy

Whenever I work with clients I love using color therapy to assist in the healing process. There are many different ways to offer it, and often times we already have one or more items in our home that can be useful.

  • Bedding: blanket, towel, bedspread, sheet, pet bed, pillow, scarf
  • Lighting: candles, light bulbs, crystal lamps
  • Accessories: collar, leash/harness, bandanas, clothing
  • Food: fruits/vegetables added to meals, putting a colored placemat under the food itself to raise the frequency
  • Other: toys, crystals, paper, placemat, food bowls

Other considerations and precautions

It’s also important that the pet can move away from the color when it has had enough. Therefore, make sure to pay attention and watch the behavior of the pet. Also make sure the item cannot be ingested or get tangled around the pet. Finally, be aware that red can aggravate or stimulate conditions like aggression, cancer or inflammation.

Image credit: Stux/Pixabay

Colors and vibrations

  • Red: promotes courage, improved appetite, strength and energy
  • Orange: projects a sense of optimism, positivity, warmth, happiness and assertiveness.
  • Yellow: creates a sense of warmth, cheerfulness; stimulates the nervous system & relieves depression
  • Green: promotes a sense of security, compassion, calmness, and being grounded
  • Sky Blue: creates a sense of calmness, tranquility, and relaxation
  • Purple: this energy is all about uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves, connecting to spirit
  • Pink: promote healing during illness or after surgery; helps reduce separation anxiety

The next time your pet is going through some kind of challenge, whether physical or emotional, consider trying color therapy. I’ve had clients think I was crazy to suggest a specific color for a situation, and it’s amazing how quickly the pet responds. I will often soon after receive a photo of the pet sitting on the colored item, completely at ease, as if to say, “What took you so long? Thank you!”

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