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A Tribute to Cat Moms Everywhere!

Are you a crazy cat lady or cat mom?

Happy “Cat Mother’s” Day!

I got married in my late 20’s and for the next decade or so I was often asked, “Do you have kids?”  When I would answer “We have cats” sometimes people would look at me funny.  While I can’t speak for parents who have two-legged kids, I can honestly say having four-legged kids has been awesome!  In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to recognize all the Cat Moms out there!  We get a bad rap sometimes as people may label us as the “Crazy Cat Lady” and other expressions.  In fact, I have magnets on my desk that proudly show I have “Cattitude” and coffee mugs that remind me how crazy I am for cats.  My friend, Mary, gave me my favorite mug for Mother’s Day last year that tells everyone all the reasons I love being a mom:


A mom’s job is not easy or glamorous

Being a Cat Mom is not all hugs and purrs as you well know.  We are the ones to get up in the middle of the night and clean up the vomit or hairball our cat so lovingly deposits in our bed or on the floor on our way to the bathroom.  Often times we are the ones who have to clean the poopy mess smeared all over the floor when our cat is a little constipated.  Or the misses over the side of the litter box.  I’ll never forget the time our cat Snowbear apparently ate some dental floss, and on its way out the other end he got spooked going to the bathroom and proceeded to run all around the house trying to escape from the string hanging out of his butt.  It took awhile for me to clean up all the poop smeared everywhere!  💩  I just laughed–my husband was furious.   

Let’s not forget the trips to the vet!  Being the Cat Mom that job fell to me, too, because I had the patience to listen to the cries of fear and protest emanating from the cat carriers.  I eventually convinced my husband he would need to step up years ago when Rocket and Gunner were kittens, and I took them to get neutered.  I’ll never forget it.  I was sitting in the waiting room early in the morning to drop them off.  They were so cute and innocent, completely unaware of what was about to happen.  Then without warning I just started sobbing uncontrollably, tears streaming down my face, in front of a room full of strangers.  I was so upset I could barely get two words out when we were called back.  I was so embarrassed.  Since that day my husband has drop off duty whenever we get a kitten spayed or neutered because I am just a basket case with that stuff! 

It’s all about the details

Cat Moms are also in charge of administering all medications, supplements, and feeding special diets.  We understand the quirky, finicky eater; we know who likes what food and who doesn’t.  We know who likes freeze-dried “crumbles” and “sprinkles” or Bonita flakes on their food.  We don’t worry when our cat has to run around and have “crazy” time first before settling in for a meal. 

Cat moms know exactly how to make the perfect cat bed, arrange the blankets just right, and don’t mind sharing the pillow at night.  We also know every cat’s favorite spot to snuggle next to us, and we forego “spooning” with our husband or partner in order to “spoon” with the cat.   We know which toys are the favorites and will spare no expense in getting the cutest pet carrier, cat clothes, collars, kitty condo, cat beds…There is just nothing we won’t do for our fur-babies! 

We know about sacrifice!

How many times do we sacrifice our own comfort for our kitty’s?  Like when your cat is curled up in your lap, sound asleep and adorable…and you have to pee but will hold it as long as you can so that you don’t have to disturb your baby.  If I’ve got a cat or cats in my lap I’ll ask my husband to bring me water, snacks, etc.  Cat Moms understand these things! 

We even understand the cat language!  We can distinguish meows for “I’m hungry”, “I’m bored”, “Let me in”, “Let me out”, “Come clean my litter box”, “Where are you?”, “I want to play”, “I missed you”, and even “I love you!”  Cat Moms are VERY smart and intuitive.

Cat apparel is the perfect Mother's Day gift for a crazy cat lady!

Yeah, I love being a crazy cat lady and wear my Cat Mom title with pride, along with cat t-shirts, cat necklaces, cat rings, and, yes, even cat shoes (thank you Lisa!).  You as a Cat Mom understand.  After all, one glance into our cat’s eyes and the sound of their purring motor just melts our hearts, and we wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING! 

In honor of Mother’s Day for all you cat moms, there’s a special discount waiting for you when you shop in The Boutique for Cats!  Enjoy a 20% discount on anything in the store until May 15th!  Use Coupon Code CATMOM at checkout.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Cat Moms!😻

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