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A Tribute to Rocket

Rocket–the boss cat

The drive to meet the breeder halfway between Houston and Dallas was about two hours.  It felt like it took forever, but we finally made it.  The baby pictures of Rocket and Gunner stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on them.  However, when I saw these adorable, bonded twins in person the first time I thought my heart would explode.  We bonded on that two hour trip home, and I’ll never forget the look Rocket gave me while riding in the carrier.  It was truly a heart connection.

Pet therapy is a great way to de-stress

Gunner and Rocket at 8 weeks of age

Bonded twins

That day was almost 11 1/2 years ago.  The reason we ended up with twins is because we just couldn’t separate these bonded brothers.  Like human twins, they often mirrored each other’s behavior and were completely inseparable.  This included sleeping in identical positions, touching paws, “talking” and instigating a bit of naughtiness.  However, it was Rocket who reigned supreme as top cat in the household–at least in his eyes–once Hershey left this world.

Kittenhood is exhausting


I’ll never forget the first time we took him to the vet shortly after adopting him because he was acting so lifeless and ill.  I sat in the waiting area with tears running down my face, burdened with worry.  It was so long ago I don’t even recall what was wrong but he got through it with a little help from medications.  And so began the lessons he taught me.  Months later he developed chronic diarrhea from an uncommon parasite/protozoa called Tritrichomonas.  What a nasty bugger that was!  His vet still remembers how Rocket got poop all over the vet techs and exam table through no fault of his own.  The compounded medicine finally took care of it, but I realized years later his poor micro biome paid a big price.  

Rocket loves car rides

My teacher

Back in those days I was just beginning to explore natural healing techniques for myself and my cats.  Rocket went to the naturopath clinic a time or two for food sensitivities and was always the perfect patient.  He and Gunner also helped me co-teach my first muscle testing for pets class at Heights of Health.  Fast forward several years later he developed a nasal polyp.  A devoted sun worshipper during the warmer seasons, Rocket always enjoyed snoozing in the courtyard.  It’s still unclear exactly how he became so highly sensitive to all the seasonal allergens outside. Looking back now I think his compromised micro biome from toxic pharmaceutical drugs did more damage than we ever realized.  The words micro biome were not even a household term like they are today.  Nonetheless, the health challenges he had became learning opportunities for me and eventually what I learned from those experiences have helped other cats struggling with similar issues.  Perhaps that was one of the reasons he chose us as a family.

Copy cats

He rarely complained about anything except when he wanted attention.  He loved howling at the top of his lungs whenever he was trying to tell us something. Other things like taking medicine and car rides were a breeze.  I’m convinced he thought his medicines–even natural ones–were a “treat”.  As a family we took several road trips to places like Colorado and Montana, and unlike his brother, he rarely complained.  His laid back, good natured personality just enjoyed the journey.  And what an incredible example and reminder this is to me!  Despite setbacks and circumstances that make life uncomfortable, it’s important that we simply enjoy the journey.

Always together

Shocking diagnosis

His recent diagnosis of nasal lymphoma that developed into renal lymphoma really shocked us.  I’ve done everything I could to support and improve his immune system these past several years–this outcome is not what I expected.  It makes me even more determined to learn how to help cats with chronic allergic rhinitis in order to prevent developing diseases like this.

Rocket, Aylen, Gunner–BFFS

In the meantime, this past week has been an emotional roller coaster.  Gunner, Aylen and Lili have all been struggling, as has Rocket, with the realization that this won’t have a happy ending.  Energetically I’ve been clearing frequencies of grief, sadness, depression, and sorrow with energy work.  Their demeanor clearly resonates with these as they are quiet, despondent, sleep a lot, have no interest in playing, etc.  Aylen has spent hours sitting next to Rocket in his new favorite chair upstairs, perhaps trying in their own ways to comfort and console each other.  I’m hoping he’s passing along some wisdom and life lessons to her.

Two peas in a pod

Final days become cherished memories

Perhaps the most incredible moments have involved Rocket sharing his thoughts with me.  I recently learned how to use a dowsing chart with a pendulum which is way of tapping in to my higher self in order to get answers to questions.  It does not seek answers from an external source, only from within me.  It started a few nights ago.  

Brothers’ last photo together

Rocket would come downstairs and sit on the doormat in the kitchen as I worked on the computer at the table.  Most often he turned his back towards me and would sit and wait.  The first time it happened I suddenly got the sense that he had something he wanted to tell me.  So I would pick up the pendulum and dowsing chart and let it spell out his message.  When he was finished he would go back upstairs.  This would happen over and over again.  Over the course of several days I compiled many messages from him, some of which had me crying tears into his fur.  We would have conversations for several minutes at a time as I would respond to his comments.  One time he just wanted me to talk to him.  

Dowsing chart & pendulum

Words from Rocket

If anyone ever doubted that cats are wise, insightful, spiritual beings, theses messages from Rocket should remove that doubt.  Grab a tissue because some of these will be tear jerkers!  Here are snippets of several conversations and his exact words over the past several days.

Pam:  Is there anything you’d like me to do to honor you in your memory?

Rocket:  Give to a vet and to a Tonkinese rescue and tell people about my painful struggle.

Pam:  What was the underlying cause of this condition developing to begin with?  And what made the biggest difference for you out of all the things I did to help you?

Rocket:  Air pollution and a pervasive tuberosity where the air flows in my nose caused this condition.  Homeopathy made the biggest difference.

Pam:  Do you have something to tell me?

Rocket:  I don’t want to say goodbye…I’m grateful.

Come sit with me and give me some love…scratch my tailbone.

Give Aylen some time and don’t neglect Gunner.

Pam:  Why is this happening now?  I don’t want you to leave so soon.

Rocket:  Don’t think I want to leave… I need to.

Pam:  Why do you need to leave?  Is there something important for you to do on the other side?

Rocket:  I must go teach spirituality to cats.

Pam:  Is there something else you want to tell me?

Rocket:   Be strong, follow your heart, don’t stop being true to yourself, never quit living, and don’t stop remembering me.

Rocket 6/24/08-3/28/21

Parting words from my heart

Here is what I told him before we said goodbye:

While I wish I could have extended your time with us, I realize that you have a job to do on the other side–a very important job–and I’m so proud of you!  Your physical presence may be absent but your spirit will be felt and never forgotten.  Please continue to talk to me and guide me from the other side, and I hope you will come back to me someday.  I promise to look after Gunner and Aylen and help heal their broken hearts–they love you so much!  Thank you for everything you taught me and for choosing me as your cat mom.  Go find Snowbear, Hershey, and Kiwi and tell them how much I love them and miss them!  They’re probably already waiting for you. I love you with all my heart and soul, my precious Rocket-man.

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