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The Best Wet Cat Food:  Oh My Gravy!

Just like with a Thanksgiving dinner, gravy makes everything better, right?  Savory, thick sauce with just the right amount of seasonings… Yum!!!  If you regularly feed your cat dry food and then offer them a nice juicy entree with lots of gravy they probably can’t get enough.  And then they want that food every meal!   Well, you would too if all you ate was kibble, which I compare to junk food and potato chips.  We tried a new cat food this week, and it’s loaded with gravy.  Hands down it’s one of the best wet cat food brands you can buy.

Your Cat’s New BFFCats love cat food with gravy

Weruva makes three different lines of wet cat food, and their latest is called BFF OMG!   Because most cats don’t drink enough water, this food focuses on hydration.  Knowing cats love gravy they incorporated their human grade, high quality proteins with lots of juicy gravy to make it absolutely delicious and irresistible.  It’s also grain-free, gluten-free, and MSG-free!

This food is produced in a facility that produces food for people.  In fact, it must pass the super strict scrutiny of the BRC (British Retail Consortium).  This line features muscle meat proteins like chicken, beef, duck, and lamb with salmon, shrimp and pumpkin.  All their tuna is wild caught and dolphin and turtle safe. 

Gravy secrets

According to their website, BFF and OMG! are available in both cans and pouches, and all flavors deliver high moisture.  The cans come in both gravy and aspic, and the pouches are all in gravy.  The gravy is what you’d expect it to be…simply Cat-tastic for those kitties that love to lick!  The aspic is a gel-like texture kitties love.  It is similar to Jello in that is starts off as a powder that is mixed with water, but when cooked, it takes on a unique texture.  The aspic is also great for “protecting” the appearance of ingredients so pet parents can identify the ingredients that we use.


So what did my cats think?  In full disclosure, Rocket, Gunner, Lili and Aylen loved it.  Hershey ate a little bit but didn’t finish it.  In his defense, he is my picky eater.  Some days he likes something, other days he walks away.   It comes in lots of flavors, so perhaps Hershey just didn’t like that particular one.  The second can we tried everyone loved!  I bought one of each flavor, so it will be interesting to see what they think of the entire line. 

If you normally buy your cat food at the grocery store you’re getting a far inferior product.  Grocery store brands trade quality for price which is why it’s so cheap!  Even though canned cat food like the popular grocery store brand Fancy Feast has gravy it is also loaded with grains like corn and wheat, soy, soybean oil, meat by-products, additives and other ingredients that will not provide your cat with optimal nutrition.   Instead, consider exchanging 3-4 meals per week with a higher quality food like BFF OMG!, freeze-dried, or homemade or commercial raw recipes. 

Your local pet food store may not carry this amazing food, but you can find the complete line in The Boutique for Cats!  Give it a try and let me know what your cat thinks!

Want to learn more about optimal nutrition for your cat?  Check out this page

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