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Is Your Cat A Picky Eater? This May Be Why

Is your cat finicky?

Cats love routine…and they love to eat.  It’s super easy for them to train us to dote on their every whim or hunger pang.  We eagerly acquiesce to their every need, and there is no better example than a cat who’s a picky eater.  If the bowl of food we offer is snubbed how many of us toss it out and open can after can until our picky cat gives us the approval?  My friend Martin calls this “musical cans.”  Dealing with a cat who is a picky eater can be extremely frustrating, not to mention expensive.  What is a cat parent to do? 

Why Is Your Cat A Picky Eater?

According to cat expert, Pam Johnson-Bennett there are lots of reasons why cats become picky eaters.  

They’re used to eating the same food day after day, year after year.  Experts recommend skipping the monotony of a single food, and offer a variety of proteins, textures and formulas instead.  

Abrupt changes in food.  If you’re making a drastic change in their food it’s better to transition slowly.  Start by blending the new food into the old, gradually progressing to the new kind.  

Hiding medicine in their food.  Cats have an extremely good sense of smell and taste, and some can tell if their food has been tampered with.  If you try hiding medicine in their food they can become food averse and will simply avoid it.  

They don’t feel safe where they’re eating.  In a multi-cat household it’s usually better to separate everyone to avoid bullying and other cats dominating the food bowls.  This will help to avoid fear and stress.  

Water issues.  Some cats don’t like their water bowl right next to their food.  Keep the water bowl or pet fountain in another location.  For cats who need extra moisture in their diet it’s recommended to add a little water to the food.  Watch out that it doesn’t become too soggy because this could be a huge turn-off.  

Cats don’t want to eat where they poop.  Make sure the litter box is in a completely separate area away from the food bowls.  

Your cat could have an underlying medical issue.  There may be a sensitive tooth or a disease or illness that’s causing your cat’s picky behavior.  It may be time to get a check up to rule these out.

The food may be too cold or no longer fresh.  Cats prefer their food at room temperature or slightly warm, just as it would be if they were eating prey.  If it’s been in the refrigerator for more than a day or on the shelf for too long it loses its freshness.

Ditch The Free-Feeding

Cat expert Jackson Galaxy and other holistic vets advise to stop free-feeding your cat.  Pick up the bowls of dry kibble, and put your cat on a feeding schedule.  If he has the ability to graze all day long chances are good he won’t be very hungry when you plop down that bowl of yummy dinner.  Cats in the wild don’t graze all day.  Rather, their instinct is to hunt, catch, kill and eat. They’re genetically wired to be this way, and as we’ve domesticated cats over the years they’ve grown fat and lazy.  

Our youngest cat, Aylen, demonstrates this genetic tendency every day.  She prefers to have “crazy time” and runs around the house playing before she will sit down to eat her breakfast or dinner.  Try adding a few minutes of playtime before feeding your cat, and watch that wild side come out!  

Solutions for cats who are picky


Food Sensitivity In Cats

If you rule out all the above reasons and your cat is still turning up her nose to her food there could be another reason:  food sensitivity.  In the past two weeks we’ve experienced this in our household with both Hershey and Aylen.  Normally good eaters, their interest in food waned recently.  We rotate their proteins and food selection all the time, and they’ve always had their “favorites.”  Therefore, it was really odd that they were being so picky.  Obviously hungry they would cry, lick their lips and give me that look:  feed me!

On a hunch I wondered if perhaps they had developed a food sensitivity, so I muscle tested to find out.  Sure enough, Hershey was sensitive to tuna, and Aylen was sensitive only to her raw diet of duck, chicken and turkey.  Using an energy medicine technique called Energetic Cellular Release (ECR) I was able to remove the sensitivities.  I waited until the next day to offer Hershey the tuna and Aylen the duck.  Did it work?  The empty bowls proved a resounding Yes!

Being a cat parent can sometimes be challenging, and you have to look at things from the perspective of your cat.  When it comes to a picky cat be patient and rule out as many possible causes as possible.  Using a holistic approach to improving your cat’s appetite is the best way to keep your cat from turning up his nose to food.  And you can stop playing “musical cans!”

To learn more about an optimal diet for your cat check out this page.  Sharing on your favorite social channel is caring!  Want to learn more?  Sign up here to get all our posts!

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