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From Allergic Dermatitis to Healthy: Maggie’s Transformation


Allergic dermatitis in cats

Maggie, healthy and happy again!

Back in January 2020 a very concerned cat mom, Sandy, reached out to me for help.  Their shy, sweet, engaging and playful kitty, Maggie, had become a withdrawn, grumpy, over-grooming, itchy and miserable mess.  Coupled with the loss of a bonded friend and the addition of a new kitten in the home, Maggie’s life was anything but happy.  The vet diagnosed her with allergic dermatitis, and they were trying everything they could think of and wondered if Maggie’s condition could ever turn around.  We hope Maggie’s story will give you hope and inspiration!

Maggie & allergic dermatitis:  the back story 

We adopted Maggie when she was about 4 months old, and she is now 6.5 years old.  She has always been a shy/anxious kitty.  When she was 2 years old our 22-year old cat passed away, and she was very bonded with him.  Through her grieving, she started pulling out her fur.  Our vet at the time felt it was a flea allergy (we had her tested, and she *did* test positive for a flea allergy), but didn’t feel that the emotional part was of concern.

They wanted to put her on steroids to help with itching.  We instead contacted a company called Homeoanimal that formulated a special homeopathic remedy specific for her.  She stopped pulling out her fur with the 3rd dose!!  We were so pleased! 

Maggie then bonded with our other older kitty who passed away 2 years ago.  She went through the same grief symptoms (pulling out her fur, over-grooming).  We tried the same homeopathic remedy with her that we used the first time, but this time it didn’t seem to have an affect on her. 

Since then, we’ve tried Bach Rescue Remedy (which helps at times for a while); Homeopet Anxiety with no success; and CBD oil formulated for pets, but she *runs* if I try putting even one drop in her food. 

We now have a vet who does *listen* but still suggests putting Maggie on some sort of anti-anxiety drug or anti-itch medicine.  Apoquel and steroids were both mentioned, but the side effects are awful. 

Personality changes

The last several months she has not wanted to go out into the catio with our other two cats (an outdoor enclosure that we had built so the cats could safely enjoy outside in our yard with us), she burrows underneath a blanket (sometimes all day), and doesn’t want to play with her toys. 

She’s eating, pooping and peeing fine, with no loose stools or vomiting.  Furthermore, she’s not drinking more water than usual and isn’t losing weight.  Sadly, she’s just not engaging with us like she did before, and when she’s not covered by her blanket she’s itching and over-grooming.  Lately, if I uncover her, she burrows back in!  She still gets on my lap every day and is the sweetest cat ever.  But we see the change in her. 

I really want to see her thrive again and yell for me to go into the hallway to throw her toy mice in the air so that she can leap up and catch them, and even beg my husband to brush her tummy like she used to.  We are hoping you can help unlock whatever is holding her back emotionally (or physically) so we can get our little girl back.

Muscle testing results

Maggie’s results were stunning and sad at the same time.  To begin with, the list of stressors included flea medications, aluminum, Prednisolone, FVRCP vaccine, and Distemper virus.  In addition, her trapped emotions included forlorn, heartache, discouragement, guilt, depression, and shock. Furthermore, organs, body systems, and glands were resonating including skin, liver, immune system, endocrine system, lymphatic system and adrenals.  Finally additional stressors and energetic blocks like Samy (the kitten), toxins, histamine, immunoglobulin, lymphocytes, her dry food, and a couple of neurotransmitters showed up, too.

Sadly it was clear that vaccinosis was resonating with Maggie, and the energy liked this to her allergic dermatitis.  Immediately I reached out to Sandy and asked her if I could see Maggie’s vaccine records.  My heart sank as I read them over:  

  • Aug 19, 2013  FVRCP 
  • Sept 3, 2013  FVRCP 
  • Sept 7, 2013  Rabies 
  • Sept 26, 2014  FVRCP 3-year 
  • Sept 26, 2014  FeLV 
  • Oct 31, 2014  Rabies 1 year 
  • Oct 31, 2014  FeLV 1 year 
  • Jan 25, 2016  Rabies 3-year 
  • May 20, 2016  FeLV 1-year 

No wonder she was itching and pulling out her fur!  Her poor immune system was essentially “on fire” due to overstimulation by the adjuvants and ingredients in the vaccines.  Her vaccine records clearly show an example of over-vaccination:  too many vaccines given too close together over a short period of time.

In addition to vaccinosis, she had several trapped emotions:  forlorn, heartache, discouragement, guilt, depression, and shock.  Trapped emotions are often subconscious and can result from cats’ own experiences or those of the people in their lives.  Knowing Maggie’s history  and the close relationships she had with kitties who passed away these emotions clearly make sense.

Holistic help for Maggie’s allergic dermatitis

Based on Maggie’s results I created a holistic approach to help Maggie’s body detox, rebuild her immune system and help her heal emotionally.  The first step was some energy healing work.  Energy healing removes stressors, blocks and sensitivities, allowing her body and mind to rebalance and heal.

The second thing I did was use muscle testing to create a plan to help detox all the vaccine-related stressors.  This included using the homeopathic remedy Thuja 200C, Animal Essentials Detox Blend for the liver, and a lymphatic homeopathic product to support the body’s drainage pathways.  Using all three simultaneously provided optimal support for releasing and eliminating all the toxins that had accumulated in her body. 

Thirdly, we supported her endocrine system and adrenals with my favorite go-to product for this:  Supraglan by NHV Naturals.  

Another important component was strengthening her immune system.  Supplements like multi-strain probiotics, medicinal mushrooms,  astaxanthin,  and turmeric are excellent options.  Sandy decided to use Mary Ruth’s Liquid Probiotics and continued using a daily omega 3 supplement by Nordic Naturals which is very beneficial in cats with overactive immune systems.

Cats who suffer from vaccinosis as well as allergic dermatitis have lots of inflammation in their bodies, causing it to be very “hot.”  Therefore, I recommended avoiding “hot” foods like chicken, lamb and venison, and feeding Maggie only “cooling and neutral” proteins like beef, salmon, pork, tuna, rabbit, turkey, and duck for two months.  In addition, she stopped feeding any kibble which is inflammatory due to the amount of carbohydrates/sugars in it. 

Finally, the homeopathic remedy Sulphur 200C was the best match for the chronic itching for her to use as needed.

Holistic healing for cats with allergic dermatitis

Maggie’s results are amazing

A couple of months went by, and Sandy let me know that Maggie was doing much better. Just this week I got the most amazing report from Sandy–it gave me goosebumps!

We wanted to write a quick note to give you an update on Maggie.  She’s a whole new kitty!!  She is now fully engaged with the family, going out into the catio (her favorite place), asking for belly rubs, meowing at me when it’s time for bed, asking to be brushed…she is even playing now and she hasn’t played in 2 years!!  We’ve got our kitty back, and I had missed her soooo much!  The results were even better than we could possibly imagine!  She’s back, Pam, she’s truly back!!!!!!  We are just so thrilled with her progress and wanted to write to say “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts!!  Maggie would say thank you if she could!  LOL!  You are just the BEST!!  And we couldn’t have done this without your help!

Maggie’s success is a true testimony of how using a holistic approach to healing can be very successful when dealing with allergic dermatitis and over-vaccination.  This is a great example of how giving the body the tools it needs allows it to heal itself. I hope this gives you hope knowing that even cats with very serious conditions like this can improve their health.  I love happy endings!

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