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Healing Aylen With A Complimentary Approach

complimentary approach

This past week I was given opportunities to use multiple tools from my holistic toolkit. In fact, her care involved a combination of holistic and conventional therapies. This complimentary approach to her healing ended up including homeopathy, natural and herbal supplements, animal communication, iridology, Western medicine, energy healing sessions and muscle testing.

Signs of illness

As fortune would have it, my cat Aylen started to show signs of illness Sunday night. Given the recent thunderstorms, crazy wind, and high energy of her little sisters, Skylar and Breeze, I suspected a bladder issue. Given that she is a water element, imbalance could lead to illness or dis-ease. In Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy the water element connects bladder, kidneys and fear.

Bladder issues will often affect appetite–or a lack of appetite–in cats. Therefore, that’s what I suspected when she turned her nose up to dinner on Sunday night. After going through some checks using muscle testing, I did find bladder resonating with imbalance and immediately started a homeopathic remedy that tested best for her.

The next morning there was little change and still no interest in food. I continued to monitor her and began syringing goats milk with bladder and liver supplements throughout the day. By Tuesday I re-tested remedies and found a different one that resonated better at that point. She was clearly more uncomfortable and being more reclusive, so very early Wednesday morning off to the vet we went.

Alternative and conventional approaches combine

After doing some lab work we discovered reduced platelets and white blood cells. In fact, there was even one liver enzyme, bilirubin, found in her urine. My animal communicator, Nina, checked in with her, and Aylen was convinced she had some type of germ that caused a UTI and her tummy was upset, too. She said it felt like a flu. Before leaving the vet she received some subcutaneous fluids and a shot to help with nausea.

After returning home with an antibiotic, I reached out to my friend Poppy Phillips, an animal naturopath who studies iridology. If you’re unfamiliar with iridology, the areas of the eye correlate to other parts of the body and can give clues to imbalances in the body. After an intuitive nudge, I sent Poppy a video and a close up of her eyes and asked if she noticed anything.

What she saw was fascinating! She found acute GI inflammation, toxic and acidic stomach, lymphatic and liver issues with streaks into the pancreas. Now it made sense why she didn’t want to eat! Furthermore, in our discussion she suggested using hydrated bentonite clay and calendula homeopathy to help alkalize the stomach, absorb toxins and help soothe and calm down the inflammation.

Connecting more dots

What kind of toxin could be causing the problem? Once again I did more energy testing and found organophosphate energy present, specifically an herbicide that removes leaves from cotton plants. As it turns out, there’s a cotton farm just to the east of where I live. With all the crazy wind we had last week it’s highly possible these herbicide molecules made their way into my backyard where she spent time on Saturday before she got sick. When Nina asked Aylen about this her answer was that she inhaled something…a toxin. Clearly it wasn’t inhaled through her nose, but more likely she ingested it. (Sometimes cats have a hard time explaining things they don’t understand.). However, the truth is we may never know 100%.

Making progress

By Thursday afternoon Aylen told Nina that one of the supplements was helping and asked if she could have more! Energy testing revealed it was the bentonite clay. ❤️ To my surprise, by that evening she started to eat a Fussie Cat puree treat! I celebrated this victory after three days of just taking goats milk with supplements.

Following up, her vet called on Saturday morning to check on her and give me the pathology report from the lab. I shared with her the progress, the findings from iridology, using the bentonite clay and calendula, and that she was back to her normal energy level. However, she was still only eating the puree treats. Her vet was super excited to hear about our progress and surmised that pancreatitis may be the reason for the limited interest in food. What’s more, the lab results were pointing to some kind of toxin present. 🤯

Adding Arnica and Iris Versacolor homeopathic remedies tested great for addressing pain and pancreatitis, so these were added to her protocols.

Energy healing insights

Throughout the week I did lots of energy healing sessions on her to help her body heal faster. Uncovered during our sessions were several blocks including:

  • A block to wellbeing
  • The limiting belief that it’s too much work to be healthy
  • Her relationship with food was blocked by pain and stress
  • Food was irritating and preventing her from moving forward
  • She viewed food with disgust and her stomach was not receptive to it

A complimentary approach was a great combination

By Sunday evening she was back to eating small amounts of wet and raw food in addition to extra goats milk, and this is where we are for now. In addition, she is still taking the bentonite clay, liver support and Iris Versacolor and her stomach, pancreas and liver are improving energetically by the day. Using alternative, holistic approaches with your cat can offer you additional tools for healing physically, emotionally and even spiritually. In some cases it’s necessary to include conventional approaches with diagnostics and medication. However, in Aylen’s case it was important to use a complimentary approach, embracing the benefits of both worlds.

Are you curious to learn how to tap into your own intuitive ability to support your cat’s unresolved issues using a holistic approach? Would you like to find imbalances and sources of stress in your cat’s body so that you can determine the best ways to support him? If so I encourage you to check out my Mastering Muscle Testing Program For Healthy, Happy Cats. Book a call with Pam using the link below to find out if this program is a good fit for you.

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