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A Holistic Remedy For Feline Behavior Problems

Feline behavior problems can be resolved naturally

Gunner and Hershey used to be at odds, now snuggle together.

Do You Have Feline Behavior Problems In Your Household?

Cats are very emotional creatures, and they know just how to get our attention!  Sometimes we label their methods as “bad,” but perhaps we need to take a closer look and try to understand the “why.”  Many cats are actually re-homed when cat parents are at their wits end and decide to give up.  Perhaps you realize what the problem is and just don’t know how to help “fix it.”  What do you do when feline behavior problems seem impossible to resolve?  If you’re nodding your head and find yourself in such a predicament I am here to give you hope…and empower you to help your cat.  

Helping Cats Heal Emotionally

When you have a multi-cat household there’s always a hierarchy and a top cat.  If you adopt a cat or kitten as a stray, from a vet clinic, a friend, or even from a shelter most of the time you don’t know the cat’s history.  The cat may have been a victim of emotional or physical abuse, neglect or hoarding. It may have been found after an injury, given up due to an owner’s relocation, experienced the death of an owner, or perhaps just not being wanted anymore.  These realities just break my heart, and I can’t even fathom them!  Regardless of their background or situation I have found an amazing product that helps cats (and other pets) emotionally heal, overcome and thrive.  Situations that once seemed hopeless can turn around, and harmony can be restored.  

Over the past several years our cats have taught my husband and I a lot.  From a hierarchy shift, jealousy, fighting, insecurity, peeing outside the litter box, marking and spraying, you name it we’ve had it.  Rather than be defeated I searched for a holistic approach to resolve the issues.  Now our cats get along, but some personalities are bit more strong-willed and dominant.  

Flower essences can help resolve feline behavior problems

Animal Relief Formula

A few years back I discovered a life-saving product (literally) called Animal Relief Formula by FES Flowers. I only wish I had discovered it sooner because I know it would have helped us resolve the tension between our former kitty Snowbear and twins Rocket and Gunner. 

It is a blend of flower essences created by an animal communicator and certified FES Flower practitioner Teresa Wagner.  The essences work very subtly on a subconscious, emotional level.  There are no negative side effects, and the product is completely natural.  It can be used successfully to calm and comfort animals in transition or trauma:

  • For any abandoned animal, whether feral or residing in a relief shelter
  • Any animal being adopted into a new home, or being given a new guardian or caretaker
  • For loss of the primary caretaker due to death, divorce or changes in the family system
  • During any time of significant travel or re-location to a new home or living space
  • For any animal with a prior history of physical abuse, torture or abandonment
  • For performance or work animals who are exploited, or valued only for monetary worth or reproduction value
  • During times of prolonged illness, or extensive surgery; can be used in tandem or alternation with Magenta Self-Healer
  • For any time of pronounced stress in the animal – such as the prolonged absence of the primary caretaker or environmental disruption due to any natural disaster

The Animal Relief Formula blends the following essences:  

  • Arnica – Recovery from shock and trauma – embodiment and integration of energy bodies with the physical body following disruption and disassociation
  • Bleeding Heart – To help heal abandonment and separation; to facilitate new bonding and connection following displacement
  • Echinacea – To restore wholeness and dignity by rejuvenating the core immune system and sense of identity
  • Fireweed – Recovery of vital forces following devastation, trauma, and injury
  • Five-Flower Formula – Fundamental composite formula developed by Dr. Bach to provide relief in all rescue and recovery situations
  • Holly – To encourage and restore basic loving impulses, bonding and connection; to facilitate heart-based relationships based upon trust
  • Mariposa Lily – To provide mothering comfort and nurturing forces for abandoned or abused animals; to restore mothering instincts to female animals
  • Oregon Grape – To restore trust when violent, abusive or degrading circumstances have created defensive barriers
  • Poison Oak – To restore capacity to be touched and natural vulnerability; to heal boundary or skin issues due to hyper-defensiveness and prior trauma
  • Red Clover – To help calm the heart and blood matrix; to ease anxiety or tendency to panic
  • Sweet Pea – To instill new bonding and territorial instincts following displacement and abandonment
  • Wild Rose – To bring new joy for life and will to live despite prior­ challenging circumstances

Real Life Success Stories Using Animal Relief Formula

After Snowbear died there was a hierarchy shift in our home, and the male cats, Hershey, Rocket and Gunner, started to send everyone in the house messages.  We would find urine marking on walls, furniture, and counter tops.  They would also stand up in the litter box and pee over the edge.  Using ARF resolved the problem within a few short weeks, and this unwanted behavior stopped.

Why cats pee on the bed

Several cat clients of mine have also had HUGE success with this product!   Kahlua started peeing on his owner’s bed and in other places in the house when a new baby moved in to his once peaceful home.  He was extremely jealous and not happy the he was no longer the only adorable baby in the house.  Using ARF along with giving him more attention the issue resolved. 

Stopping jealousy in cats


Gary was unhappy about a new male kitty that moved in and made friends with the resident female kitties, so he started spraying and marking.  This jealous behavior went on for almost a year, when my friend, Manny, was given an ultimatum by his wife that Gary would have to go if the behavior wasn’t stopped.  Within 2 weeks of using ARF harmony was restored, Gary stopped marking, and he actually became friends with the new male cat.

Another friend of mine had family members living with them for almost a year after their home was flooded.  It took months to renovate their house, and despite it not being completely finished yet they moved back in.    Their poor kitty was really freaked out and didn’t recognize her home anymore.  I recommended ARF knowing it would be the perfect solution to help her adjust and adapt to her home again.


My aunt and uncle added a former feral cat named Major and a rescue kitten named Jack to their household over the past year.  Convincing the other resident cats was a bit of a challenge, and ARF worked beautifully helping to integrate the new family members.

How Do You Use It?

It’s simple!  I prefer the spray bottle.  For best results use four times per day until the unwanted behavior stops.  If the behavior reoccurs resume use until it stops.  Some cats take longer than others, but you should see a change within 4 weeks.

  • Squirt some in your hands and pet your cat all over, especially around the face and ears.  
  • Squirt a couple of times in your cat’s food and/or water.
  • Squirt in and around the litter boxes.
  • Squirt anywhere you find urine marking.
  • Squirt in bedding, cat trees, or wherever your cat likes to sleep or hang out.

Feline behavior problems can be resolved when you look at the issues from a cat’s point of view.  Sometimes simple changes include changing litter box or feeding locations, giving extra attention, adding play sessions, or using a natural product like flower essences are needed to resolve the situation.  Animal Relief Formula is ideal for helping animals heal on an emotional level.  Want to give it a try?  I’m excited to announce we now have this amazing, life-changing product available in The Boutique for Cats!  If you have a testimonial or a question about this product please leave a comment below.  

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