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Kenda The Cat: Healing Past and Present Holistically


Cat behavioral problems and holistic health

Cat Behavioral Issues–Got baggage?

Baggage.  We all carry it with us, and many times it’s often overlooked.  However, events and situations that affected us while we were very young often shape our behaviors and attitudes throughout our lives.  This may come as a surprise, but guess what?  It happens with cats, too!   Cat behavioral problems and physical health issues can be related to untreated emotional issues.  Today I have an incredible story to share with you about a kitty named Kenda.   She’s not only battling hyperthyroidism but has been licking and biting her fur off for years.  Be sure to read all the way to the end because I’m certain her story will leave you stunned!

My friend Patti recently reached out to me and wanted my opinion on Kenda.  Her concerns included:

  • She is 12
  • She has hyperthyroid issues which are under control with Methimozole 5 mg/2x/day
  • She has gum disease and had some back teeth removed in the past year
  • She is drinking lots of water (may be a sign of kidney disease)
  • She’s been sneezing a lot and has a watery eye
  • Her appetite has always been good…until this past Monday
  • She comes out to eat but nothing is appealing to her

An intervention with naturopathy

Our vet recently informed me that loss of appetite and signs of thirst can actually be related to hyperthyroidism in cats.  (Usually cats have a voracious appetite yet still lose weight.)   I did some initial muscle testing using Kenda’s photo and found several things of interest.  She wasn’t showing any kidney issues, so the thirst and lack of appetite were probably related to her thyroid.  The sneezing and water eye was showing an allergy to something in her environment.  I encouraged Patti to make an appointment for a remote ECR (energetic cellular release) clearing with Laura at Heights of Health.  Laura’s intention was to find the root cause of Kenda’s excessive licking, attacking her foot, lack of appetite, weight loss, hyperthyroid and sensitivities.  The appointment was a success, and here’s what she reported:

  • She cleared Kenda’s body of 2 emotions–abandonment and expression, the thyroxine hormone (T4), and seasonal pollen, ambrosia, and ragweed.
  • These blockages/stressors/intolerances released completely.
  • She would benefit from adding a homeopathic blend called Thyro Chord twice a day.  This product also includes tinctures (nosodes) to address her teeth.
  • The Methimozole IS helping to reduce her symptoms.

Treating emotional baggage using flower essence remedies

What a great report!  I was encouraged even further when Patti reported that Kenda was eating again!  She was still biting and licking a little bit, so I muscle tested the food she was on.  Everything turned up fine, so it made me think she needed some extra emotional support.  The first thing I turned to was flower essence remedies.  They are gentle and effective in treating and resolving negative emotions, which if left unresolved can manifest into physical symptoms.  Using a chart that covers about 100 cat behaviors and situations, Kenda tested positive for four:  abandonment, biting, chewing/licking, and clingy behavior.  Further testing found that creating a custom flower remedy of holly, beech, and agrimony would be instrumental in her emotional healing. Cat behavior problems can be linked to emotional issues Treating cat behavioral problems holistically Flower essences are effective in treating cat behavior issues

In order to make further sense of these I reached out to Patti to get some background on where she got Kenda, how long she’s had her, etc, so I could understand where these behaviors stemmed from.  Patti’s response back to me blew me away!

Memorial weekend 2005 I was riding my bike on a rainy day in Boetcher State park near Bastrop.  Along the route, we heard an animal screaming in the woods.  We stopped and there she was, all alone:  an abandoned kitten in the middle of nowhere.  We scooped her up, rode back to the car, and stopped at the nearest convenience store for some cat food.  She ate and screamed all the way back to Houston.  I took her immediately to Gulf Coast Animal hospital, and they treated her for worms and fleas, gave her shots and said good luck!  She was about 4-6 weeks old.
She became a little sister to a 4 year old very domineering female cat Jazmine.  I noticed Kenda used food when she was anxious about other cat, she would run the food bowl to “get away” from Jaz.  She would eat a bunch and throw up.  By the time she was 5-6 I noticed she started biting and licking excessively.  The vet told me it was most likely a food allergy, and recommended she eat absolutely NO chicken and was put on a no chicken, Pea and Venison only diet (dry and wet) by Royal Canin.  She continued to lick and bite and at times.   She would eat SO much and then drink water and immediately throw up.  By this time, she had completely licked all hair off her belly and her back legs.  At about age 10 I noticed she would at times just go crazy, sprinting around the house, stop, bite, lick and keep going.  She began to lose weight.   A trip to the vet revealed she had hyperthyroid disease and gum disease from throwing up.
She was started on thyroid meds in December 2016, which brought her number down but not enough.  She now takes half pill twice/day with a perfect thyroid number. Through all this her weight has gone from 9.5 to currently 7.5.  She is more calm but her appetite fluctuates from excessively hungry to couldn’t care less.  According to the vet, her thyroid is enlarged, and she will be on medication for life.  Her appetite has not been very good and I was worried she would keep losing weight.

The puzzle is solved!

Wow!!  I was just floored.  I had no idea she had been abandoned as a baby in the middle of a forest!  It was such a traumatic event that she has tried to cope with it unsuccessfully all her life!  Her emotional stress was made worse by not being fully loved and accepted by Jazmine.  No doubt she missed out on the love she never got from her mother.  The puzzle pieces all fit together now, and for the first time in her life we can truly help Kenda heal the emotional scars she’s been left with. Using the custom flower essence remedy is the perfect tool. 
It was by divine appointment that Patti happened to find Kenda alone in the forest all those years ago, and she is dedicated to providing her with the love and support she needs throughout her senior years.  I wish her lots of love and a healthy future ahead!
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