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Mind Body Spirit Release for Pets

Mind Body Spirit Release for pets

Being an avid fan of energy medicine modalities, I am still amazed at times just how effective they are, even as a practitioner. My newest “tool” in my holistic tool kit is a modality called Mind Body Spirit Release. While originally used for people, I was excited to learn that I was one of the first practitioners who went through this certification program to use it with pets. You see, we are all energetic beings–we’re just wearing different “suits”–and this is why Mind Body Spirit Release works just as well for pets as it does for people.

Animals are incredibly sensitive and often pick up on energies we are not even aware of. They can be affected by these energies and experiences yet it’s hard to know because we cannot “see” these energetics.

What is Mind Body Spirit Release?

Mind Body Spirit Release is a technique that identifies cellular imprints due to negative experiences and/or traumas. The emotions resulting from such experiences create chemical reactions in the body that imprint or store these emotions in numerous organs, glands and tissues. Even long after such negative experiences are over, a simple trigger such as an encounter, a memory, song, thought, word, etc, can cause the body on a subconscious level to re-create these chemical reactions without our awareness. Essentially, they become buried in the subconscious. Over time, these reactions can interfere with emotional, physical and spiritual health.

“We operate from the conscious mind less than 5% of the day. Unless the subconscious has the same programming as the conscious mind, the power of positive thinking will not work.” Bruce Lipton, PhD

How does it work?

Mind Body Spirit Release uses a form of muscle testing with a pendulum (ideomotor testing) to identity negative cellular imprints and release them so that new pathways and beginnings can be created. Once the blocks have been identified, the practitioner acts as a surrogate (in remote sessions) to clear the blocks using a cold laser to stimulate certain acupressure points, meridians, and reflex points eliminating the body’s stress reaction. Depending on how deep the layers are, in some cases the effects can be immediate; in others it can be gradual over several clearings.

In my experience using this technique with pets, the results have simply been amazing. Oftentimes pets respond within minutes if not hours. For pets with physical ailments the results may take longer to visibly notice a difference, but know that things are happening on a cellular level.

What other benefits does Mind Body Spirit Release offer?

There are numerous benefits besides simply clearing emotional blocks. Mind Body Spirit Release has helped me to restore harmony/dis-resonance between pets (and people). I’ve had numerous clients whose cats were unable to get along, such as fighting, bullying, and antagonizing each other. After clearing emotional blocks and the cats as stressors to each other, they were able to co-exist peacefully again.

It can help pinpoint the cause of an underlying issue, such as a bacteria, mold, fungus, parasites, viruses, and mitochondria blocks. Additionally, when communication systems involving hormones, neurotransmitters and nervous systems are blocked, this can interfere with homeostasis, add more stress and block the body’s healing process.

Another benefit with Mind Body Spirit Release is identifying forms of interference that block the body’s normal function and health in all areas–physically, emotionally and spiritually. Forms of interference for pets can include:

  • Cat Litter
  • Chakra
  • Dental
  • Electromagnetic/microwave
  • Emotional
  • Energetic (cellular level ATP production)
  • Environmental Sensitivities
  • Food
  • Generational
  • Genetic
  • Geopathic/ley line energy
  • Group (multiple other pets in the home, family members)
  • Infection/Microbe/Biotoxin
  • Internal/Self
  • Insects
  • Medication
  • Meridian Block
  • Miasmic
  • PetrochemicalsScar Tissue
  • Smells
  • Sounds
  • Spiritual
  • Supplements
  • Toxin/Heavy Metal/Glyphosate
  • Water

A few examples to share

Thanks to my own cats and too numerous clients to count I now have lots of experience and success using Mind Body Spirit Release. Here are a few memorable examples.

To my great surprise I’ve used it to detect spiritual interference in my own home. After noticing strange behavior from Aylen, including hiding, biting the air, running into “invisible” blocks in her path and sniffing around like a blood hound, it turns out that four of my cats in spirit, Hershey, Snowbear, Rocket and Lili were paying visits.

I also experienced a soul walk-in for the very first time a few months ago. My cat in spirit, Hershey, “borrowed” Aylen’s body to have some cuddle time with me. I could tell by the mannerisms it wasn’t her “normal” thing. After about 10 minutes she suddenly jumped out of my arms, stood on my desk and looked at me as if to say, “What the heck just happened to me?” The next morning she refused to eat her raw food which is always a sign that something lowered her vibration. Using Mind Body Spirit Release I identified spiritual interference specifically from Hershey in spirit. After a clearing she enjoyed her breakfast.

Not surprisingly, I’ve had multiple clients lately whose cats or homes had the presence of spiritual entities, both animal and human form. Cats are so sensitive to paranormal energy!

Odd and shocking cases

Another kitty named Max suddenly began peeing in areas besides his litter box, causing quite a mess and frustration for his parents. Besides identifying a urinary tract infection, we learned that the stairwell in his brand new home had a geopathic energy/ley line going right through it along with a water source deep underground. To make matters even worse, there was a spiritual presence from a child who died on the property over 200 years ago. While he has shown lots of improvement, we are still working to raise his vibration in order to overcome these fears with regular clearings and supportive measures.

In another example, scar tissue from a surgery years back turned out to be involved in intestinal, pancreatic and digestive issues for a kitty named Cleo. This was a huge shocker and a first for me!

Toxin sources and parasites

Immune system confusion in many cats has shown to be interference from toxins and heavy metals found in rabies or FVRCP vaccines. Simple approaches to detoxing and healing the gut can restore balance. Another immune related example is cats with severe gum inflammation and ulcers showing up as viral/microbe interference. Glyphosate and toxic flea medications are other common sources of toxic interference that manifest in gut and skin issues.

A cat named JJ struggled for months with chronic diarrhea despite multiple trips to the vet. I found that undetected amoeba parasites and glyphosate were the causes. Going so long without detection did a lot of damage in the gut. Now that steps are being taken to restore his microbiome, JJ is now on the mend!

Food sources

Foods are another common form of interference. Besides the usual suspects including starches in dry food, oils, preservatives, thickeners, and even glyphosate, common proteins can be negatively imprinted upon due to emotional blocks. Based on what I’ve seen in practice, raw and freeze dried food, which are higher in vibrational frequency, can even become stressors when the cat’s vibrational frequency drops too low.

Another client named Lucy was scratching and losing fur on her belly. It turns out she was addicted to kibble which was feeding a candida infection in her gut. Despite being pretty stubborn, she is now eating a much better diet and we are working to clear up the candida imbalance.

Emotional traumas

Mocha’s mom reached out to me because of chronic cystitis and over-grooming. She would also become extremely upset and anxious if left alone. It turns out that her separation anxiety was due to emotional trauma experienced when she was young in a previous home. Further muscle testing revealed specific ingredients in her food that were creating metabolic stress and 4th of July fireworks for the latest bout of cystitis. Homeopathy is helping her rebalance in all these areas.


Baby is a great example of when medication goes wrong. His mom intuitively suspected the insulin he was taking didn’t agree with him, yet the vet insisted otherwise. In addition to “not acting like himself,” he seemed paralyzed with fear. It turns out there were two forms of interference blocking his health: the medication/insulin and the presence of the owner’s mom in spirit. His mom’s new vet is changing the insulin and the spiritual interference has been cleared.

These are just a small handful of examples of the many insights that can be gained from forms of interference. Once blocks are identified and cleared energetically the body is able to rebalance and start the healing process. Mind Body Spirit Release can be an invaluable modality in the area of holistic health and healing, and I highly recommend giving it a try. The results can be quite eye-opening!

This service is available for pet parents, too! To learn more or to purchase a session, click here.

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