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Sushi’s Mystery Cat Illness

Mystery cat illness


Sometimes cats get sick and there’s no obvious cause.  One minute your kitty seems fine, and the next, well, not so good.  It’s a terrible, helpless feeling not being able to understand what’s wrong.  Being a vigilant cat parent and noticing a change in behavior, eating, or litter box habits is crucial when it comes to a catching mystery cat illness quickly.

This past week I received an urgent text from my friend, Alex:

Sorry to bother you.  I think Sushi is sick.  Her energy level is really low, and she’s barely walking inside and outside.  All she wants to do is lie down.  She still has an appetite and cleans herself, but her meow sounds like she’s sick.

Mystery cat illnesses are scary!

Being a relatively new cat owner he’s still learning what it’s like to live with cats, their behavior, and how to be a “cat dad.”  He’s really bonded with Sushi in the few short months since adopting her and has even taught her how to go for walks outside on a leash!  She is the center of his world and has become quite the spoiled kitty with numerous cat beds, toys, a cat tree and more.  I could tell he was deeply worried.   Furthermore, the timing couldn’t be worse.  It was Memorial Day, and all the vet clinics were closed except for the emergency care clinics that cost a small fortune.  

Hearing that Sushi was still eating, drinking and cleaning herself was a good sign, but clearly things were not right.  He later described how she would go in and out of the litter box but not use it. 

A possible kidney infection

I knew the best way to help Sushi was to energy test.  Using her photo I started asked her body questions, checking organs, systems, food, emotions and more.  Several things resonated with her:  kidneys, inflammation and bacterial infection.   Even without a diagnosis it seemed likely that she may have contracted a kidney infection, or pyelonephritis.  According to an article written by Dr. Robin Downing, DVM,

Many cats have no clinical signs when they have pyelonephritis, although they may have signs of lower urinary tract disease. The signs of lower urinary tract infection include:

Increased drinking and increased urination
Difficult/painful urination
Frequent urination of small volumes of urine
Inappropriate urination (particularly noticeable in cats that have previously been well house trained)
Slow, uncomfortable urination
Additional signs of upper urinary tract infection include fever and pain when the kidneys are palpated during the physical examination. Also, one or both kidneys may be abnormal in size.

What causes Pyelonephritis?

Pyelonephritis is usually caused by a bacterial infection that moves up the urinary tract from the bladder to the kidneys. The bacteria most commonly implicated are Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus. Other bacteria that may be found include Proteus, Streptococcus, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, and Pseudomonas, which frequently infect the lower urinary tract and may move up into the upper urinary tract.

Digging a little deeper I read that sometimes bacterial infections result from poor hygiene around the anal area.  Even though Sushi lives indoors and only goes outside on supervised walks, it’s hard to say exactly how she acquired the infection.  Muscle testing showed that Staphylococcus resonated with her condition, so it’s likely to be the bacteria responsible for the infection.

Homeopathy for kidney infections in cats

Mystery cat illness


Traditional veterinary treatment would be several weeks of antibiotics, but I felt confident that Alex could give Sushi a faster cure with homeopathy.  Checking my veterinary homeopathy guide I energy tested Sushi for all the possible remedies, and Aconite 30C was the perfect match.  Sushi also tested well for colloidal silver, so off Alex went to Whole Foods to get these items.  She needed 3 doses of the Aconite over the next 36 hours and 1 ml of colloidal silver three times a day for 10 days to boost her immune system and fight the infection.  I also gave Alex the name of a great mobile vet in the area just in case he needed one.  If he didn’t see an improvement overnight I recommended he call them.

The next day I checked in with Alex on Sushi’s condition.  It was amazing how fast she started to improve!  While he could tell she was definitely feeling better, she still seemed to be a bit uncomfortable.  I re-checked her meds, and nothing additional was needed.  However, clearing her body energetically was exactly what resonated with her.  I used an energy-based modality called ECR (energetic cellular release) to clear her sensitivity to inflammation, infection and kidneys.  By the end of the second day she was almost back to her normal self!  She was waiting in the window for Alex when he came home and asked to go out for their nightly walk!  

Mystery cat illnesses like kidney infections can sneak up on cats with little to no warning.   If not treated quickly they can lead to life-threatening conditions.  Having first hand experience with this with our cat Lili, I knew that time was of the essence.  Using alternative remedies can be a great compliment to conventional veterinary care.  In Sushi’s case we were able to intervene quickly with a natural, holistic approach to clear up Sushi’s condition and help Alex avoid a costly vet bill.  

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