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The Presence Of Shadow Energy

Shadow energy
Gunner and Aylen

Shadow energy is a new concept to me, something I recently became aware of a few months ago. I discovered it quite by accident one day when working on one of my cats who was acting fearful in the house despite the absence of anything visual to cause such fear.

I asked my spirit guides to help me figure out exactly what the “presence” was creating stress in our environment, and the clue they guided me to was a wifi booster shoved in drawer during the move from my previous home! This let me to take a closer look at aura energy fields, and I was finally led to an article that mentioned shadow energy.

Shadow energy–what is it?

Different from animal spirits or entities and such, shadow energy is simply energy that is present due to negative emotions. To my surprise, shadow energy can even be from subconscious emotions we’re not even aware of. To give you a visual of what shadow energy may “look like”, I get the image in my mind of the Peanuts character, Pigpen. Do you remember how he always had a dust cloud following him everywhere he went?

Clinical psychologist Claire Nicogossian refers to negative emotions as shadow emotions. She divides them into five categories: sadness, anger, fear and anxiety, embarrassment and shame, and disgust. Emotions are simply energy and have their own vibrational resonance.

Shadow energy and cats

While shadow work has been focused more toward humans, I want to share how shadow energy affects our cats. In addition, how our cats’ emotions can create their own shadow energy. Oftentimes it’s indicative that one of their body’s elements (the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine) is out of balance, at least in my own experience.

Our cats can experience the emotions of sadness, anger, fear and anxiety, perhaps not to the degree that we do as humans. I’ve witnessed this so many times in my own life and home.

Let me give you a basic example of how energy can be “felt.” When you walk into a room where people are happy, excited, joyful, etc, you can feel it. It’s energetic, welcoming, happy. It’s a buzz that draws you in.

In the opposite way, when you walk into a room after people have been arguing or there is anger, confrontation, etc, it is VERY uncomfortable. Hence the expression “You can cut the tension with a knife.”

Being energy sponges our cats pick up on the energy around them. My work in Mind Body Spirit Release shows me this all the time. Sometimes they will take on our energy and negative emotions out of a desire to help; other times it’s simply in their environment, and they absorb it. When left unchecked it can lead to physical symptoms.

Examples of shadow energy experiences

In my own experience I have seen shadow energy affect me and my cats. Let me give you some examples.

When something has deeply upset me a shadow energy lingers and ends up causing fearful behavior by Aylen or loud vocalization by Gunner. Aylen, my Water element cat, will retreat to her favorite spot in my closet, “hiding” away because she doesn’t feel “safe.” Gunner simply starts going through the house crying loudly as if to get my attention that something is amiss. You see, he’s my Earth Element cat, a worrier and very sensitive. When I lose my patience and yell at him, he sulks and feels “unsupported.”

When I don’t let him go in the backyard for whatever reason, he gets very upset and begins to cry in protest. What ends up happening is he creates his own shadow energy in the kitchen, living room, hallway or even bedroom–wherever he goes crying loudly. Aylen is sensitive to this energy and retreats to her hiding spot. Her vibrational frequency drops so much that she has blocks (resistance) to her food.

The power of subconscious thoughts

Recently I was driving, listening to some music that reminded me of memories from years ago. Somehow something was triggered in my subconscious–a fleeting thought– that somehow created a shadow energy as a result. Keep in mind I was not even aware this had happened. However, when Gunner started howling and Aylen retreated to the closet to hide, I had to go figure out why.

Much to my surprise this fleeting thought planted a negative seed which caused a shadow energy that my cats picked up on even when I did not. The power of the mind to create limiting beliefs or be triggered by things that happened years ago cannot be understated. Through my training as a Mind Body Spirit Release practitioner I was able to discover the shadow energy and emotions associate with it.

Looking back years ago my cat Hershey would start crying loudly whenever my husband and I were having an argument or disagreement of some kind. Now I understand why: he simply didn’t like the energy!

Symptoms your cat may be stressed from shadow energy

There are a variety of symptoms, or clues, that indicate your cat may be affected by shadow energy. (It’s important to rule out any underlying medical condition first.) These include:

  • Food blocks–they suddenly decide they don’t like their food, a particular protein; finickiness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Excess shedding
  • Hiding
  • Vocalizing
  • Fearful behavior
  • Avoiding certain people or pets
  • Inappropriate elimination

Addressing and mitigating negative energy

I share all this to simply bring awareness of how powerful the energy is that we and even our cats can emit. When we become aware of our thoughts and emotions–even fleeting ones–and how they can negatively impact our cats, then we can take steps to address them.

I love using energy healing techniques such as Mind Body Spirit Release to release emotional imprints, conscious or subconscious. Other things we can do to help ourselves and our cats can include:

  • Smudging sage
  • Using crystals like Black Tourmaline, Jade, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Selenite
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Grounding work, getting out in nature
  • Flower Essences like ones from Love And Above Cat Club
  • Diffusing high quality, cat-friendly essential oils like those from AnimalEO

It’s also important to “catch” ourselves before our heads go into a negative place or saying any negative self talk. Saying out loud “Cancel Clear” two or three times is a powerful way to “reverse” this energy.

In the end, we simply have to be aware of the energy we are putting out there. Recognizing when our cats are putting out negative energy is also part of learning that awareness. For it is in those moments we can step in and help “shift and move” this energy. In order to do this we must be present; we must focus on what’s “right here right now.”

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